Top Shelf Announces Alan Moore's UNEARTHING Signed & Numbered Pre-Order

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Top Shelf Announces Alan Moore's UNEARTHING Signed & Numbered Pre-Order

Postby LOLtron » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:35 am

Top Shelf Announces Alan Moore's UNEARTHING Signed & Numbered Pre-Order

Get your limited edition copy of the latest Alan Moore offering, a thrilling new narrative art book!

Top Shelf is remarkable if only because it's one of the few publishers left that hasn't pissed off Alan Moore yet.  As a boutique pulbisher of prestigious, literate graphic novels, The Shelf (let's see if that nickname takes off) will put some pretty fascinating books out into the world.  For example, they have Unearthing coming out.  Unearthing, a text written by Alan Moore, will be turned into a "narrative art book," featuring art by photographer Mitch Jenkins.  

This kind of thing is pretty expensive, so Top Shelf will need your help.  Not dissimilar to the Kickstarter model, Top Shelf is selling pre-orders of a limited number of signed and numbered editions of Unearthed on their website (and only on their website).  This is your chance to not only get a beautiful copy of a new Alan Moore work, but you can get the beard's autograph too!  

Read the press release below, and then head on over to The Shelf's website to get your copy of Unearthed.  But hurry, there are only 300 of these things available.  


Top Shelf Productions and Knockabout Comics are truly pleased to announce a project several years in the making: a sumptuous new book from Alan Moore, serving as a biography of his close friend and mentor Steve Moore (no relation), a history of London, a mystical journey, and a tribute to human imagination. Called by The New York Times a "poetic and densely allusive text," Unearthing has now been transformed by Alan Moore and photographer Mitch Jenkins into a stunning narrative art-book.

And while UNEARTHING will be offered in the upcoming October Diamond Previews in two incredible editions, to help fund the production of this enormous expensive work of art, the creators have graciously agreed to an exclusive third edition incorporating a letterpress bookplate, hand-signed & numbered by Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins, limited to 300 copies worldwide.These 300 Signed & Numbered “double-sized hardcover” copies are being pre-sold (starting today), as a Top Shelf website exclusive. By pre-ordering one today, you’ll not only be able to secure one of these rare Signed & Numbered editions, but you will also have done your part to help to get this gorgeous project off the ground.

Pre-order one now.



Here’s what people are already saying about UNEARTHING!


“A tribute to a colleague and mentor and a demonstration that Moore has transcended the boundaries of the graphic novel.” -- The New York Times

"Steve Moore, who lives in the same room he was born in 61 years earlier, is a living metaphor for the history, geography and geology of Shooter's Hill and a conduit to the Greek gods and spiritual manifestations... Is it great art? Yes!" -- N.M.E.

“The men of Unearthing are only marginally of this plane of existence, and what they’ve created is positively out of this world.” -- The AV Club


And here are more details on this monumental project!


One of the world’s foremost authors of the fantastic, Alan Moore, joins internationally esteemed photographer Mitch Jenkins for an unprecedented visual and literary experience.

An intensely poetic and innovative work of biography, Unearthing maps the lifetime of author, orientalist and occultist Steve Moore, while simultaneously investigating the extraordinary history of South London with which that life has been intertwined. Integrating text with haunting and exquisite imagery, Unearthing excavates a territory at the margins of a city, of reality, and of human imagination.

Starting life in Iain Sinclair’s seminal anthology LONDON: City of Disappearances, this dazzling and hypnotic piece has evolved through a series of live performances and acclaimed recordings, culminating in this breathtaking full-color volume.


UNEARTHING by Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins


Three formats will be produced: a deluxe softcover edition, a special double-sized hardcover edition (limited to 1500 copies), and a special signed & numbered double-sized hardcover edition (limited to 300 copies worldwide).

Follow these links to find out more about each, and to also see PREVIEW pages from the project!

UNEARTHING Signed & Numbered Edition
-- Web Exclusive (Pre-Order Now)
-- Double-Sized Hardcover Edition w/S&N Bookplate
-- Limited to 300 copies worldwide

-- 184 pages • 11.75” x 16.5” (A3 size!) • $99.00
-- ISBN 978-1-60309-150-3 • For mature readers (18+)
-- Scheduled for December 2012


UNEARTHING Double-Sized Hardcover Edition
-- Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide
-- 184 pages • 11.75” x 16.5” (A3 size!) • $74.95
-- ISBN 978-1-60309-150-3 • For mature readers (18+)
-- Scheduled for December 2012
-- Will be featured in the October Diamond Previews

UNEARTHING Deluxe softcover edition with French flaps
-- 184 pages • 8.5” x 11.75” (A4 size) • $29.95
-- ISBN 978-1-60309-151-0 • For mature readers (18+)
-- Scheduled for December 2012
-- Will be featured in the October Diamond Previews







Written or Contributed by Royal Nonesuch



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Re: Top Shelf Announces Alan Moore's UNEARTHING Signed & Num

Postby Keb » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:34 am

There's an audiobook version of this from Lex Records that looks cool but I can't justify spending money on lengthy Alan Moore prose.

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