Kelly Sue DeConnick Embarks on Winter's Tale!

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Kelly Sue DeConnick Embarks on Winter's Tale!

Postby LOLtron » Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:47 pm

Kelly Sue DeConnick Embarks on Winter's Tale!

Help Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and her young friend Winter create their Ninja Princess Zombie Rockstar mini-comic!

Source: Kelly Sue DeConnick

In an instance of the impact exuberant young fans can have on comic book professionals, Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick put up a blog post about her encounter with a girl named Winter at this year's HeroesCon.  The post ends up detailing how this meeting has lead to DeConnick's next comics project: 


She was dressed as Fiona from ADVENTURE TIME and she had her father in tow.  She leaned in over our table and announced in a voice awfully big for such a small child, “I LIKE TO DRAW NINJAS!”

Well. What would you do?  I asked her name.  ”Winter,” her father volunteered.

Sometimes, the universe is not subtle.

Next, Winter declared that she and I should make a book together. That I would write and she would draw and it would be about NINJAS. And also zombies. And cheerleaders.

Now… I am a very busy lady right now.  I have 3 monthly ongoings, am still wrapping up a graphic novel, I’ve got a creator-owned book slated to start soon, plus a family and oh, we just moved and at some point, I have to get my clothes out of boxes.

But… come on.

“Yes!” I told Winter. “This is a thing we must do.”

And so it came to be that what is currently known as Winter's Tale entered the world.  
After a bit of discussion with young Winter's father, some parameters were set for the comic.  Winter sent a list of the things she most wants to draw in the story to DeConnick, and now the writer is going interactive with it, getting YOU involved in the creative process:
Over the next 10 months as we lead up to Heroes Con, I will occasionally tweet a panel description with the hashtag #winterstale.  I will endeavor to work in Winter’s 10 favorite things to draw, and thus, 1 panel at a time, we will put together our Ninja Princess Zombie Rockstar mini-comic, which we will then run off punkzine style and sell at Heroes, with all proceeds going to Winter’s college fund.
If you or your children (Ages 1-100) would also like to draw our Winter’s Tale, all you need is a Twitter account. Respond to any #winterstale panel description with a twitpic or a link to your drawing and we’ll repost them to
So there you have it.  YOU can help Kelly Sue DeConnick (a real, honest to goodness Marvel writer) and an up-and-coming young artist put together their crazy/cool sounding Ninja Princess Zombie Rockstar mini-comic!
For more info on the comic (including what you can do if you don't have a Twitter account), and if you just want to read the sweetest, most adorable comics-related story of the day, check out Kelly Sue DeConnick's blog post about Winter's Tale!

Written or Contributed by Royal Nonesuch



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Re: Kelly Sue DeConnick Embarks on Winter's Tale!

Postby Logan.1179 » Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:55 pm

Very cool.

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