Irresistible #2 Review

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Irresistible #2 Review

Postby LOLtron » Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:42 pm

Irresistible #2 Review

GLX gives you his take on Irresistible #2.


Writer - Raven Gregory
Penciller - Derlis Santacruz
Colorist - Franco Riesco
There are a lot of men who wish that women would naturally desire them without effort. For example, there were commercials involving attractive women that fond themselves drawn to an average joe were used to successfully market AXE body deodorant to men. As unrealistic as it is, the idea of being effortlessly attractive to women dominates the imaginations of some men. Irresistable #2 plays with this fantasy and the result is an entertaining, though flawed product.
The main protagonist's experiences as a "chick magnet" come off as plausible. He revels in his newfound attractive qualities to women, but ends up learning that they can make other aspects of his life into a living hell. It does not help that he still cannot get over his ex-girlfriend, even though they broke up over a year and a half ago. If he were a normal guy, his attractiveness could lend itself to a humorous, yet emotionally touching story. Instead, his unhealthy desire to reunite with his ex-girlfriend gives the comic a dark tone. It is a tale of an emotionally unhealthy individual that gains something that he is unable to use to his advantage without leading to tragedy. It lends itself to some interesting character work. Though the emotional core of the comic is solid, Raven Gregory makes sure that the comic also moves along at a nice pace.
One of the things that hampers the comic is that the writing is uneven in places. There are times that the dialogue is stale on delivery. Also, one thing that strikes me as odd is that the protagonist is never shown at work. While the comic is mainly focused on his social interactions outside of work, his newfound state would be interesting to see at his place of employment. How does it affect his ability to perform his job? What do his fellow co-workers think? These are questions that unable to be brought up and the absence of a workplace environment keep the script from becoming something great.
Derlis Santacruz and Franco Riesco's work also suffers from an inconsistency in quality. At best, the two put out art that is reminiscent of Ariel Olivetti's work except that it looks more organic. At worst, Santacruz's pencils look off-kilter in places and Riesco's colors look dull in spots. Still, there are more positives than negatives to the art.
While Irresistible #2 is an entertaining comic, it is not a must-buy. Some of the comic's faults keep it from achieving greatness. If the comic's premise interests you, then it is at least worth a look. Even though it is flawed, Gregory and company provide enough to satiate those that are looking for something new and different.
7.4* out of 10*

Written or Contributed by GLX



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