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RUviews: Comics Are Cool

Postby LOLtron » Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:21 am

RUviews: Comcis Are Cool

Hellblazer #294, The Li'l Depressed Boy #12, Wolverine And The X-Men: Alpha & Omega, Superboy vol. 1: Incubation, and Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe


Hey there Internet people, its your good buddy, RU, and check it out RU said he’d have a second video this week and he did!


Ok, so here we go.

Hellblazer #294 – Peter Milligan is making a good case to be included in the list of top 3 Hellblazer writers along with Ennis and Carey.  What has always amazed me about this book is how every writer is able to make Constantine their own while respecting past continuity.  Milligan has added depth and heart to a character that has needed it after so many years of stoicism.  Now, with his search for a long lost Constantine we get a good long look into the legacy of the name and what matters more, blood or upbringing.  With almost 300 issues, Hellblazer has (almost) never been better.

The Li’l Depressed Boy #12 – Yes, I know #13 came out this week but I don’t have it yet and #12 needs some lovin’. This book is one of those books whose schedule you can never predict, and as I have stated in the past, that usually pisses me off – but I tend to make exceptions for independent books and The Li’l Depressed Boy is good enough that I’d rather have an issue every three months then wait for the trades.  Issue 12, finally, had LDB moving on from Jazz and has one of the most adorable last pages of any comic I’ve read in a while.  Li’l Depressed Boy is one of those comics that rather than taking you on an adrenaline run, it takes you on an emotional ride – that is well worth it.  Do not let the title fool you; it is not an emo book.

Wolverine And The X-Men: Alpha & Omega – I know, I know, RU said that he wouldn’t buy limited series but it was Brian Woods’ debut as an X writer and I couldn’t help myself.  Great decision! I have no idea how “important” this story will be, but it was a fantastic tale highlighting Quintin Quire’s powers, limitations, and emotional immaturity as he tries to get revenge on Wolverine for treating him like a kid by trapping Logan’s inside a reality Quire controls.  I think the trade is out or pre-orderable and it is worth a read.  Good story that convinced me that Wood could write the X-Men (thank G-d he saved us from Gishler) and was a great re-introduction of a great writer to the Marvel Universe.

Superboy vol. 1: Incubation – What a great comic.  Anyone who has watched these knows how little regard I have for any “Super” book, but with NuDC I decided to give the “S” another shot add that to one of my favorite writers, Scott Lobdell, and Superboy was an easy choice.  I know NuDC gets a lot of hate for hiring a bunch of 90s stars, but what is wrong with hiring people who were the creative drives during one of the highest grossing periods in comic books? There is a reason Lobdell sold more X-Men comics in a month than most writers anymore do in 6.  You can blame it on gold foil covers, on marketing hype, or whatever – but you cannot take away Uncanny X-Men #303 - the death of Illyana - #290 when Forge proposed to Storm, or any of the other 100s (I have no idea) of issues that touched us, inspired future stories, or were just plain good comics.  Superboy is a nice welcome back to the format; Lobdell takes a, IMO, very boring concept and character and flips it on its head.  The inclusion of some old school Wildstorm characters and the natural soft crossover with Teen Titans seemed natural and didn’t have the forced feel some of the NuDC books have.  Don’t listen to the internet, this is a good comic.

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe – 99% of this mini was awesome! Then it got to the end…ugh.  It was fun to have a “serious” take on Wade, and I really did enjoy most of the carnage, but the whole Meta thing at the end was out of place and distracting.

A couple of notes, although I am not stopping any pre-orders, I do have to drastically curb my trade purchases, just until I read at least half of the ones I have that I haven’t read.  Also, yes, I know the third Pinocchio The Vampire Slayer came out, but with vol. 4 coming out next month I have decided to wait to RUview them till then.  Nonetheless, go get the book.

Later Peeps

Written or Contributed by GHERU



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Re: RUviews: Comcis Are Cool

Postby SuperginraiX » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:24 am


That's a lot of unread books! I feel your pain.

It's nice to hear someone talk about stuff they like. I approve! :smt026

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