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'A Journey Through Skyrim' Mod Rundown, Part 2

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:44 pm

'A Journey Through Skyrim' Mod Rundown, Part 2

In the second part of our webcomic mod rundown for Skyrim, we continue our look at character equipment options.

   See PART ONE of our mod rundown for the first installment of equipment mods used in the comic: Loner's Sword, Bandolier, Iorveth Light Armor, Wanderer's Surcoat, Scoiatael Weapons, Fur Hoods, Monk Hoods, and the Sabregear Backpack.  In this article, we'll be taking a look at some of the mods use mostly by secondary characters and NPC's.

    Also, if you don't know what I'm talking about when I mention the webcomic, please give it a look HERE, we are seven issues deep so far and the comic comes out every tuesday right here on the OH!.  Best of all, it's free.


Arise! - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament


    The Black Sacrament armor you'll see featured on the assassin in the epilogues recently.  Often he will be in different outfits, but these are his "work clothes".   This mod adds a variety of armor options, as well as a few weapon and jewelry mods, to the game.  The version you see pictured here is only a fraction of what's available.  It is also a very modular setup, so you can construct your look from the ground up, using only what you desire.  Overall though, you have a the choice between several dark armor sets and a couple white sets and those options include different hoods, cloaks, boots, masks, jewelry, and more.  Worth it just for the mask in my opinion, even if you want to add it to another armor set.



Cloaks of Skyrim


   This mod adds, well.... cloaks to the game.  About a hundred different styles of cloaks counting all the colors, materials and designs.  It also adds them to the leveled lists of the game so that NPC's will be seen wearing them too.


   Personally, I've never been a fan of the physics of cloaks in the game when you do certain things like run, jump, fall or encounter wind.  They just tend to hang like there is too much starch in them (not a fault of this mod, just the way the game was designed in that regard).  I tend to only use them in certain instances in the story, but I do think it adds some variety to the game to see them on different NPC's here and there.

   Also worth mentioning is a similar mod, not used in my story, but still good: Winter is Coming.  It adds fur cloaks and hoods to the game if you want a more winter-ready look for your character.



Immersive Armors


   This mod isn't featured in a predominant way in the comic, you may see a few NPC's wearing some of the pieces here and there, but being one of the best armor mod add-ons in available, it's worth mentioning.

   The modder started off building individual armor sets, often using pieces of existing vanilla armors, so they fit seemlessly into the Skyrim world.  Eventually, he pooled all of his creations together, along with several other armors that he got permission to feature, in this one huge Immersive Armors mod.  I highly recommend checking out the link above and visiting the page to see all of the options and styles available, there are tons of good pictures as well.  Some armors are added to leveled lists and you'll encounter NPC's wearing them, others are unique and can only be crafted by the hero or discovered.


    The mod also adds, Fur Hoods to the game, so if you use this mod you will not need the seperate Fur Hoods mod we talked about in the first part of the mod rundown.



Weapons of the Third Era - MoS Edition


     Weapons of the Third Era adds several styles of weapons to the game and remains lore friendly, the Third Era referring to the history of Tamriel.  Note though: Make sure you use the link above to reach the MoS (Master of Shadows) version and not the standard version.  The original maker of the mod abondoned it and MoS took over.  If you install the original version it may cause your game to crash at points because of not being updated.

    Weapons added include staves, longswords, clubs, scimitars, akhaviri style weapons and more in nearly every weapon catagory from Iron to daedric.  The mod is worth it just for the eastern glass in my opinion and the latest version also adds eastern glass armor to the game, which looks a bit less gaudy than the vanilla glass armor.  You get a choice between a stand alone version and a replacer version if you want to override any existing equipment in your game for some reason.  It also adds the weapons to the leveled list so you will encounter NPC's using these new weapons with either version of the mod.


   Worth mentioning, though I don't currently have it activated, so you won't see it in the comic is Jaysus Swords.  It's one of the most popular weapon add-ons avaiable and adds over fifty weapons to the game, mostly a variety of steel swords.  I teased it last installment for not having scabbards for almost every sword in the mod, but the swords themselves are well made, lore-friendly and if I didn't have WotTE, I would probably use it.


Better Bows


   A simple mod that adds a few new bows to the game.  It's difficult to find good bow mods and if you found the Scoiatael Bow mod from Part One a bit too gawdy for you, these are some very sleek and simple bows that are lore-friendly.


Masters of Death - Rise of the Brotherhood


   You will actually only see the boots from this mod used in the comic, but I have used the armor in other play throughs and it's great piece of work.  MoD offers a couple different downloads, one is the armor only version that I use and it's essentially a light armor retex (a very good retex) of the ebony mail, but with a new style of boots, gloves and hood offered that work much better with it's look.


Horse Armors for Skyrim


   A Mod that adds five versions of horse armor to the game: leather, steel, ebony, dragonplate and dwarven (as well as special armors for Frost and Shadowmere) that also makes your horse invincible.  Personally I don't find this game breaking, as mostly horses in battle end up being annoying and die so easily that they are often useless.  I'd be just as happy with a mod that made them run off and come back when a fight started, but this works just as well.  Plus it looks cool.



   Next week we'll take a look at some of the mods used to make things "prettier". 


Written or Contributed by xaraan


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