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Half-Life 3 Rumored to Become Open-World Game & Set For 2013 Launch

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:45 pm

Half-Life 3 Rumored to Become Open-World Game & Set For 2013 Launch

Half-Life 3 rumors are never in short supply, but according to Valve sources this one takes the cake.

Source: International Business Times

   An anonymous source close to Valve, speaking to a french game site this week revealed that Half-Life 3 is still in development and may see release next year.  They also said that the game would be open-world, similar to the play of Skyrim, Oblivion or Fallout.  Where you will interact with various NPC's to create your missions in a sandbox world.

   It's hard to say if this rumor holds up any better than others we've heard about the game, though the source is said to be "reliable".  They are not my source however, so I can offer you no such assurances.  Personally, the idea sounds interesting because I like open world games, but it seems like a pretty big change for a successful franchise.  Still, it will remain a first-person-shooter, so perhaps they are simply bringing together two popular game types.

   Valve has said in the past they are moving their game development to focus on a more constantly interconnected experience with fans.  An open world game may offer more opportunity (or a wider variety of options) for mods and add-ons later as well.  The success of the Steam Workshop for games like Skyrim and now Left 4 Dead 2 has shown developers that opening up their games to fans to develop their own content offers endless benefits.  Even the first Half-Life is seeing a second surge as one of the new Steam Greenlight games: Black Mesa. 

   Tell us your thoughts?  What would you think of a more open world Half Life game?

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