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Jealous Artists Protest Disabled Creator

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:17 am

Jealous Artists Protest Disabled Creator

A group of jealous comic book creators have joined together to protest a disabled artist who they say is making them look bad.

Source: Newsarama

Newsarama posted an article today about Larime Taylor, an up and comic book creator who is trying to use Kickstarter to fund his black and white horror comedy, Dark Zoey. What makes the story extraordinary is that Taylor suffers from arthrogryposis, a joint and muscle disorder that has left his limbs disabled and put him in a wheelchair. Taylor uses his mouth to write, draw, and letter his comics. You would think that such a heartwarming story of triumph over adversity would be inspiring to everyone, but some comic book creators, at least in our imagination, see things from a different perspective.

"He's making us look bad!" said Frank Quitely, a comic book artist who, despite full use of both of his hands, takes approximately six months to illustrate a single issue comic book. "If this guy can draw comics on schedule without even using his hands, how do you think it makes me feel?"

"He's rubbing our faces in it," added Brian Hitch, another notably slow artist. "He's taunting us. It's really affected my self-esteem.

Quitely and Hitch, along with a group of artists that includes Jim Lee, Joe Madureira, Rob Liefeld, Adam Kubert, David Finch, Olivier Coipel, Jim Cheung, and Ethan Van Sciver, have formed a coalition called S.A.C.K. in order to protest Taylor's public shaming of their complete inability to hit deadlines. S.A.C.K., or Stop Artists from Creating Kwikly, will ironically take to Kickstarter to fund its own operations.

"Sure, you could donate to this guy who draws all fast with his mouth," said Rob Liefeld, who should find a lot in common with Taylor because all of Liefeld's characters, drawn with severely distorted anatomy, look like they're handicapped. "But I've been known to draw while driving my car! Who do you want to give your money to?"

Despite threats of Twitter character assassination for anyone who contributes to the Dark Zoey Kickstarter, the campaign has already tripled its funding goal with three days left to go. Taylor has also set up an Indiegogo campaign to pay for drawing supplies, which ends in sixteen hours and is more than halfway to its $1000 goal.

"It's outrageous," said David Finch, who used his success as an artist to blackmail DC Comics into giving him his own Batman comic, widely regarded as one of the worst in decades. "Just who does he think he is, making these unreasonable demands?"

If you're a fan of overprivileged, prima donnas who take half a year to produce one comic book, making fans wait and wait for what is, oftentimes, a disappointing and lackluster effort lacking backgrounds and padded with unnecessary splash pages, then you should support S.A.C.K. and their efforts to defame Taylor on Kickstarter. If you're an ungrateful jerk who would rather support a remarkable man who refuses to let physical disability prevent him from pursuing his passion, then sure, we guess you could contribute to Dark Zoey on Kickstarter or to Taylor's Indiegogo campaign. If you're into that sort of thing.

Below is the video pitch for the Kickstarter.

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror


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