The Walking Dead: "Seed"

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The Walking Dead: "Seed"

Postby LOLtron » Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:54 pm

The Walking Dead:

Our recap of last week's season premiere of The Walking Dead!

The Reborn Reviews the Undead
PhoenixEquinox’s The Walking Dead Reviews
Season 3 Episode 1: Seed
(And yes there will be spoilers of the first two seasons.)

The Walking Dead is an unprecedented event in the history of comics on television. It’s not the first live-action comic book TV show. It’s not the first TV show about a comic book not produced by Marvel or DC. It is certainly the most violent live-action TV show based on a comic book, but that’s not what I’m driving at either. Then how is it unprecedented you ask? It is the first live-action TV series based off a singular comic story. (And yes I have to specify live-action because of those Image cartoons no one liked in the 90’s.) This comes with positives and negatives. The positives are clear in that the story is laid out in front of the people making the show as an easy road map on how to make their TV show. For example, season 1, for everyone who isn’t reading the book, is essentially the first trade paperback with some “minor” alterations (cough cough Shane’s death cough cough). The negatives that come with this are that if you stray too far from that map by moving events around or adding/dropping characters from the book, purists will get pissed off and you’ll lose a chunk of the fanbase. So far The Walking Dead hasn’t been able to lose the core fanbase even though certain characters have died too soon and they’ve replaced Tyreese with Daryl (Think about it, I’m right). And that is also unprecedented. Let’s see if they can keep up this good favor and not screw up some of the best parts of The Walking Dead in Season 3.

This season starts off unlike season 2 in that some time has passed – one winter to be specific – and the group has become more like a well-trained military squad then the dysfunctional family we were left with at the end of season 2. They start the episode taking over a house from a bunch of walkers in a precise, organized way. After ransacking the house for scraps they become wary on where to travel next because they’re running low on everything that matters and they don't want to encounter anymore herds of walkers. Rick and Daryl go looking for more food and they stumble upon a prison which Rick sees as the ultimate safe haven. After they find it, the episode pretty much turns into a zombie killfest. A lot of this episode was dedicated to killing zombies. They clear out the prison yard. They clear out a cell block. This episode has no shortage of blood, gore, or violence. (a zombie’s face even gets ripped off.)

There are small flickers of plot throughout the episode, such as Lori and Rick's relationship perching precariously over a cliff, though Rick hasn’t acknowledged it. Other than that, it seems that everyone else has become closer, especially Daryl/Carol, Glenn/Maggie, Carl/Herschel & Beth, and Andrea/Michonne. Wait what? Michonne? Yes Michonne, the mysterious character from the end of last season who had two walkers on leashes (played by Danai Gurira who for those of you who read the book is a dead ringer for Michonne and continues the show’s uncanny ability to cast people who look exactly like their comic counterparts). Although she gets little screen time and even fewer lines, we learn that her and Andrea have become closer over the winter, and that Michonne is very good with a katana, using it to decapitate several walkers in an abandoned convenience store.

There are some twists and turns that happen when they try to clear out more of the prison (some of which not even I, a seasoned reader of the comic, saw coming), but I won’t reveal them here so you have more incentive to watch the episode if you haven’t already. Overall, there was lots of death, but not a lot of time devoted to character development since they say most of that was done in the winter. For comparison’s sake it felt kinda like the transition from Young Justice to Young Justice: Invasion, in which they took a 5 year lapse where many of the relationships in the original show were altered, but they left how that happened as a mystery. Although The Walking Dead isn’t as extreme as that, it still has that feel to it. So as far as the first episode goes, I think it was a success and that my minor issues with it will be solved over the next 17 episodes. The Walking Dead is back and it’s good.

S3Ep1: "Seed" Final Verdict: 4.5 out 5 stars.

Written or Contributed by Royal Nonesuch



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Re: The Walking Dead:

Postby BlueStreak » Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:04 pm

Just finished watching this. Absolutely nuts.

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Re: The Walking Dead:

Postby Nightfly » Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:14 pm

Is this season going to have 18 episodes? In my primer I cited this page that says it'll be 16. Hmm?
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Re: The Walking Dead:

Postby PhoenixEquinox » Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:39 pm

The last I heard it was 18. But I could have been lied to.

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Re: The Walking Dead:

Postby Wisdom000 » Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:42 am

Ok... first... MiChonne... holy fucking crap.. I am in love with her... In the comics I just thought she was cool... in the show... well I now have a new reason to watch the show... Fuck she is amazing... so confident, so badass, so perfect... and I love that they kept her leading the two zombies around on a leash. She instantly became my favorite action chick on tv right now...

And oh Maggie... oh Maggie dearest... I love you more every episode... you are now the badass that Andrea was supposed to be, as well as being just georgeous.

Dale is the mutherfucking man still. He and Glenn are still my favorite males on the show, bar none...

Carl... oh how I hated you, how I wanted you to die, but little man, you were badass this episode, I hope they keep that up.

Hershell... didn;t care for him much up until now, but damn if I didn't think he was awesome in this episode... so awesome that I was truly upset at his leg.

Hershells other daughter, was hoping she would end up with Daryl, just because I hate Carol so very very much... But honestly, even Carol wasn't such an enormously useless waste this episode. She isn't on the strike team, but she wasn't annoying this episode either.

Guy who is supposed to be Tyreese but isn't... was just there...

Lori and Andrea.... god how I still hate these women... I have, from the moment they anounced her pregnancy, wanted to see that baby chew its way ouit of her stomach like a fleshy chestburster... last season I wanted it to happen while Carl was listening at her stomach... now I want Carl to live... PROGRESS...

Other highlights... Michonnes sword.... its very beautiful. When I first saw the white handle I was gonna turn off the show, because I thought they were using the goddamn highlander sword again... which shows up in fucking everything for some reason. But instead it was a long handled Katana with a beautiful scabbard.

When Rick pulled the Gasmask off the zombie, and the zombies face came off with it with muscle and sinew skull still chomping about.... sheer unadultered gory perfection...

When they were raiding the corridors, and Glenn was marking the way back.... I was all like "Now that's the way a good RPG group of characters should do it." Then when the zombies appeared and they turned and ran in a blind panic and got lost, ignoring the spray painted arrows, I was like "And that's how my RPG group characters would end up... sigh"

All in all, this season seems a complete turnaround from the bullshit of last season... I hope they keep up the momentum.
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Re: The Walking Dead: "Seed"

Postby Chris » Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:40 am

It will be 16 episodes.

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