Arrow Annotations - "Honor Thy Father"

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Arrow Annotations - "Honor Thy Father"

Postby LOLtron » Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:58 am

Arrow Annotations -

A look at easter eggs found in this week's episode of Arrow!

While we provided a pretty comprehensive recap of Arrow’s pilot episode last night, but there were plenty of easter eggs and references to the comic book that we didn’t touch upon.  Luckily Arrow Annotations is here to help, providing some additional notes and background info from last night’s episode. While there's not nearly as much to cover this week, the Arrow writers still threw plenty of little easter eggs for readers. Arrow spoilers follow!

Marcus Redmond - Marcus Redmond, the guy who was stealing from the pension fund at the beginning of the episode, is a new character made up for the TV show.  However, Redmond could refer to Dinah Redmond, Black Canary's alias in the short-lived Birds of Prey.  In the show, Redmond lacks any of Black Canary's usual powers, but is instead a psychic and has precognitive abilities. 

Vincent/Emily Nocenti - The last names of the victims this episode is a shout out to Ann Nocenti, the current writer of DC's Green Arrow comic book series. Nocenti's a prolific creator with a well-regarded run on Daredevil, and was the editor of Uncanny X-Men for a time as well. Her work often feature political themes, particularly women issues and animal issues.

Martin Somers - Martin Somers was briefly used as a secondary villain in Green Arrow #31. In the comics, Somers orders a hit on a lawyer prosecuting his company, Elevast, for illegally evicting residents who live at the proposed site of a hotel/retail center. The person he hires? Constantine Drakon, who we met last week on Arrow. Of course, things go awry as the lawyer he wants to kill happens to be dating Ollie AND is the niece of Jefferson Pierce, otherwise known as the superhero Black Lightning. After his niece is killed by Drakon, Pierce ends up killing Somers in revenge, a crime he later goes to prison for two years later.

The Queen's Gambit - Here's one I missed last week, but came up again this week. The Queen's Gambit is the name of the Queen family's yacht (you know, the one that got blown up with Ollie and his dad aboard). The Queen's Gambit is a chess strategy used to secure the middle of the board early in the game and aggressively attack an opponent's pieces early in the game. In the comics, Oliver's boat is named the Pacific Queen.

Ollie Being Dead - Just like in Arrow, this isn't the first time that Ollie's had to get a death certificate revoked. In 1995, Green Arrow sacrificed himself to prevent a bomb from destroying Metropolis. His body was completely disintegrated, leaving Superman as the only person who could confirm his death. Ollie would stay dead for five years, until he was brought back by Kevin Smith (of Clerks fame) in the acclaimed Green Arrow: Quiver storyline. Of course, that resurrection involved an omnipotent hero turned villain and soul shenanigans, but we'll probably cover than another time.

China White - The main villain this issue, China White's only appearance was in Andy Diggle's Green Arrow: Year One. In the miniseries, China White is a heroin trafficker who operates on the island Ollie is marooned at. Over the course of the series, Ollie learns that he's been unwittingly financing China White's operation and that his traitorous bodyguard, Hackett, is one of her henchmen. Ollie takes down China's operations armed only with a bow and a dozen arrows. Also, China White's name is a slang term for heroin.

Trick Arrow - While technically not an arrow, Ollie's gadgets make another appearance this episode, this time via a throwing knife that doubles as a voice recorder/player.

And here's one that I missed last week:

Judge Grell - Judge Grell is a reference to Mike Grell, the writer behind Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters. Longbow Hunters was a gamechanging run in Green Arrow and transformed the hero from a superhero to an urban hunter fighting normal criminals. It looks like Arrow's taking a lot of cues from the Longbow Hunters, especially the urban hunter angle.

So that’s all the comic book references for this week, or at least the ones I caught.  Join us next week as we break down Arrow’s ties to the comics!

Written or Contributed by ThanosCopter



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Re: Arrow Annotations -

Postby misac » Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:44 am

It occurred to me that they’re going to do the Speedy drug storyline with the sister. Which is what I didn’t like about the episode, Oliver is trying to get his sister to cut out the partying while he’s pretending to be a party guy. :smt102

Other than that I liked the episode, I really like Dinah’s dad. I also hope the bodyguard becomes an ally, not in a costume, more like Alfred.

fieldy snuts
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Re: Arrow Annotations -

Postby fieldy snuts » Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:21 pm

All the henchmen so far shoot like they're graduates of the stormtrooper academy.

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Re: Arrow Annotations -

Postby habitual » Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:26 pm

I like this show, the more it goes on though the more it just seems like Batman with a bow.


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