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Valiant Pays US Luge Team to Cosplay

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:37 am

Valiant Pays US Luge Team to Cosplay

Valiant is sponsoring the US Luge team, who will be wearing uniforms styled after X-O Manowar.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Valiant is going least in some sense.  The comics publisher has unveiled a new uniform based on its X-O Manowar character that will be worn by the U.S National Luge Team starting this winter.  The publisher will also be acting as a sponsor for the team and has contributed a "significant sum of money", said to be in the low six figures, to the team.

While the sponsorship probably won't affect Valiant's exposure nationally, it will help increase the company's exposure on an international level.  The luge is a popular winter sport in the Alps and other parts of Europe and the new uniforms will probably get a lot of coverage on highly popular luge blogs such as "Gold Luges, Black Ice", "Deadluge" or "Unitards with Random Triangles".

Personally, I'm torn whether to congratulate Valiant for their unconventional marketing move or chide the company for not sponsoring the US Curling Team.  Curling, frankly, is a much more awesome winter sport than curling and deserves all the support it can get here in the United States.  Maybe Valiant can design some Shadowman uniforms for the Curling team should their current campaign prove successful.

Anyways, here's the luge uniform, just to confirm we're not making this up. 


Written or Contributed by ThanosCopter


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