RECOMMENDATIONS Story/Collection For The Week Of 10/31/2012

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RECOMMENDATIONS Story/Collection For The Week Of 10/31/2012

Postby LOLtron » Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:13 pm

RECOMMENDATIONS Story/Collection For The Week Of 10/31/2012

Final issues of Mighty Thor and New Mutants, New jumping on point for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Axe Cop Halloween Special (FREE!), and a whole bunch of trades. WHAT SHOULD I BUY!?

Source: Weekly Releases for October 31, 2012 - Home Delivery

This is a place where trade waiters, box-o-comics, and weekly shoppers can get together and see what is coming out this week and discuss it.  Trade waiters can see what the weekly people are getting to add to their list, Box-O-Comics people can wet their whistle while they wait for DCBS or MOC to come to their home and everyone can talk about anything they want.


Playing the odds - there will probably be SPOILERS


So, check out the Midtown Comics link above and tell us what you are looking forward to, what new collections do you want, and what should we be reading.


(This is a new feature, and there will be growing pains, so please bear with me)

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