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Nightfly's TV Week in Review: Reloaded

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Postby LOLtron » Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:26 pm

Nightfly's TV Week in Review: Reloaded

Nightfly lists his favorite TV programs from the week beginning 10/28.

Okay folks, I'm going to start sharing my favorite shows again via a renewed dose of my old TV Week in Review column. The column won't be quite as elaborate as it was in its heyday but perhaps over time it'll grow back into what it once was.

This past week I watched a mere 40.5hrs of relevant primetime programming but it was a really strong week's worth, filled with a lot of fun Halloween episodes. Strong enough overall to inspire me to restart this weekly column. The current plan is for dramas to get a Top 7 list with six runners-up adding up to a baker's dozen being showcased each week. As the number of sitcoms I view each week has decreased compared to seasons past, I'll be capping my sitcoms list to a Top 5 (at least for now); the same goes for my Teen Sitcoms section. My Reality Shows section, like the hour-long scripted area, will get a Top 7 list but without any runner-ups, and, for the time being I plan to restrict my highlighted guest stars list to no more than five.

The CW, which has really impressed me the past couple seasons, took last week's lead with the most hour-long scripted appearances on my dramas list. FOX pulled off the same feat for my Outstanding Sitcoms list. Disney dominated my Teen Sitcoms section despite losing that category's top slot, while, NBC and Syfy each garnered two spots on my Reality Shows list.
In addition to the standard sections of my column, I'lI also routinely include two of my favorite newly released posters from the previous week as well as my favorite movie trailer.

Now onto my first WiR list for the 2012-2013 TV season...

Hour-Long Scripted Dramas -
7. The Walking Dead - "Walk With Me" (AMC)
6. Supernatural - "Blood Brother" (CW)
5. Fringe - "An Origin Story" (FOX)
4. Beauty and the Beast - "Basic Instinct" (CW)
3. Arrow - "An Innocent Man" (CW)
2. Homeland - "Q&A" (SHO)
1. Boardwalk Empire - "Sunday Best" (HBO)

1. Nikita - "True Believer" (CW)
2. Hunted - "Hourglass" (MAX)
3. Person of Interest - "Bury the Lede" (CBS)
4. Once Upon a Time - "The Doctor" (ABC)
5. Revolution - "Sex and Drugs" (NBC)
6. Haven - "Magic Hour" (Syfy)


Outstanding Sitcoms -
5. Modern Family - "Yard Sale" (ABC)
4. Raising Hope - "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Me What to Do" (FOX)
3. Happy Endings - "Sabado Free-Gante" (ABC)
2. New Girl - "Halloween" (FOX)
1. Ben and Kate - "Scaredy Kate" (FOX)

1. The Neighbors - "Larry Bird and the Iron Throne" (ABC)

Favorite Guest Star of the Week:
Gloria Votsis on Person of Interest (CBS)

Todd Stashwick on Revolution (NBC)
Billy Dee Williams on NCIS (CBS)
Glynn Turman on NCIS: L.A. (CBS)
Rachael Harris on Happy Endings (ABC)

Teen Sitcoms -
5. Austin & Ally - "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff" (Disney)
4. Jessie - "Make New Friends" (Disney)
3. A.N.T. Farm - "scavANTger hunt" (Disney)
2. Shake It Up - "Funk It Up" (Disney)
1. iCarly - "iLost My Head in Vegas" (nick)

iCarly: "iLost My Head in Vegas: Chip Like Texas"
Get More: iCarly Episodes,iCarly,iCarly Games

1. Good Luck Charlie - "Nurse Blankenhooper" (Disney)


Reality Shows -
7. The Voice - "The Knockouts, Pt.1" (NBC)
6. Project Runway All-Stars - "Put on Your Dancing Shoes" (Lifetime)
5. All on the Line - "Nicole Richie" (Sundance)
4. The Voice - "The Knockouts, Pt.2" (NBC)
3. Face Off - "Immortal Enemies" (Syfy)
2. Face Off - "Live Finale" (Syfy)
1. DCC: Making the Team - "Mexico Calendar Shoot" (CMT)

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Cassie Trammell

Two features I'm reinstating to this column are my favorite weekly film trailer and movie posters. Here's the latest G.I. Joe Retaliation trailer which hit the web Oct. 31st followed by the posters I'd most like to hang on my wall from last week.

Read up on The Wolverine poster shown above here and see all 17 new posters from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey here. Also hitting the web last week were new posters for Hitchcock, Stoker, Les Miserables, Hansel and Gretel, On The Road, as well as the second one-sheet for Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing and the fourth for Texas Chainsaw 3D.

Hopefully this week's primetime line-up will be as inspiring as last week's but either way I'll endeavor to publish another Week-in-Review next Sunday too. Until then, to quote my old sign off,...Be Well, Have a Great Week and Happy Viewing!

{minipolls id="Weekof10282012" title="Which was your favorite drama from last week?"} Boardwalk Empire||Homeland||Arrow||Beauty and the Beast||Fringe||Supernatural||The Walking Dead||other {/minipolls}

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