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Nightfly's TV Week in Review: Week of 11/18/12

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Postby LOLtron » Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:38 pm

Nightfly's TV Week in Review: Week of 11/18/12

Nightfly highlights his favorite TV programs, movie posters and film trailers from the week of 11/18.

Many shows took last week off so my total hours viewed amount dropped down to just thirty-eight, twenty-one of which I spent watching hour-long scripted dramas. For the record, unlike Pysch, which very often revolves around murder, I don't place the new TBS show Wedding Band on the hour-long dramas list, I instead put that series in competition in my Outstanding Sitcoms section. The Tiffany network (i.e., CBS) shows up the most in this column's drama list but pay-cable channel Showtime takes the top spot there thanks to an exceptionally strong episode of Dexter. FOX had a good week in my sitcoms category, though ABC claims that list's no.1 slot for a riotously funny epi of Don't Trust the B---- in Apt.23. Teen comedy iCarly garnered top honors on my teen list for it's affective hour-long series finale, and amongst Reality Shows, both NBC and BBC-America made dual appearances on a list that was topped by a truly insightful (second) installment of Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States.

This upcoming week may be the last decently filled one for awhile since so many series take December off, so don't be surprised if my Week in Review columns following this one are sparse until 2013. The December lull is when I typically catch up on movies I've wanted to see, favorite old dvds and the like.

Now onto my preferred primetime picks from the week beginning 11-18-2012...

Hour-Long Scripted Dramas -
7. Vegas - "Bad Seeds" (CBS)
6. Hawaii Five-O - "Ohuna" (CBS)
5. The Mob Doctor - "Turf War" (FOX)
4. The Walking Dead - "Hounded" (AMC)
3. Boardwalk Empire - "A Man, A Plan..." (HBO)
2. Private Practice - "The World According to Jake" (ABC)
1. Dexter - "Argentina" (SHO)


1. The Good Wife - "Here Comes the Judge" (CBS)
2. Castle - "After Hours" (ABC)
3. The Mentalist - "Red Sails in the Sunset" (CBS)
4. Hart of Dixie - "Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me" (CW)
5. Revolution - "Kashmir" (NBC)
6. Homeland - "I'll Fly Away" (SHO)


Outstanding Sitcoms -
5. The Simpsons - "Penny-Wiseguys" (FOX)
4. Whitney - "Poor Whitney" (NBC)
3. 2 Broke Girls - "And the Three Boys With Wood" (CBS)
2. New Girl - "Parents" (FOX)
1. Don't Trust the B---- in Apt.23 - "It's a Miracle..." (ABC)

1. Raising Hope - "Candy Wars" (FOX)
2. Go On - "Dinner Takes All" (NBC)
3. The New Normal - "Pardon Me" (NBC)


Favorite Guest Star of the Week:
Emmanuelle Chriqui on The Mentalist (CBS)

Marisol Nichols on Private Practice (ABC)
Steve Carrell on The Simpsons (FOX)
Jamie Lee Curtis on New Girl (FOX)
Rob Riggle on New Girl (FOX)


Teen Sitcoms -
3. A.N.T. Farm - "chANTs of a lifetime" (Disney)
2. Victorious - "Cell Block" (nick)
1. iCarly - "iGoodbye" (nick)

iCarly: "Thank You From the Cast!"
Get More: iCarly Episodes,iCarly,iCarly Games


Reality Shows -
7. Ice Loves Coco - "Baby Got Laughs" (E!)
6. Richard Hammond's Crash Course - "Harlem Barber; Test Pilot" (BBC-America)
5. The Voice - "Live Results Show" (NBC)
4. Top Gear - "Apocalypse" (BBC-America)
3. Iconoclasts - "Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Chuck D" (Sundance)
2. The Voice - "Live Top 10 Performances" (NBC)
1. Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States - "Roosevelt, Truman & Wallace" (SHO)

Although this column features a few less movie posters than last week, this installment includes links to six new movie trailers I thought were the coolest from this past week, with a couple favorite trailers (for different types of films) embedded.

The two one-sheets spotlighted this week are for Chris Colfer's upcoming flick Struck By Lightning and an action movie I'm really looking forward to, The Baytown Outlaws starring Billy Bob Thornton & Eva Longoria. Additional to those two, you can find a brutal shot of Ryan Gosling from Only God Forgives, four different posters from Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away (a James Cameron production), interesting one-sheets for Evil Dead and A Haunted House: This $*%! Ain't Paranomal, both a static and motion poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and, three never before seen posters from last summer's The Dark Knight Rises simply by clicking the linked titles.

The six trailers I'm highlighting this time out include a teen horror flick adapted from a comic book mini-series, a British comedy, a couple action pics and a pair of animated adventures. Firstly, I've chosen to embed the animated film trailer I'm most looking forward to, Epic, and a sexy relationship tale I think I'll be very entertained by, I Give It a Year (because I enjoy seeing Rose Byrne and Anna Faris in their underwear). The other trailer links, that aren't embedded but still noteworthy releases from last week, are for Killing Them Softly, Snitch, Jack the Giant Slayer, and Bad Kids Go To Hell.

My last column's poll didn't garner a single vote, which was particularly disturbing since now you can add any show you want as your favorite from the previous week. I'm hoping this new poll setup will eventually win some reader participation.
I believe more programs will air this week than last, so look for a more loaded Week in Review next time. Till then Be Well, Have a Great (end of month) Week and Happy Viewing!

There is a poll on the front page. Please visit this article at the link below to vote.

Written or Contributed by Nightfly


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