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The Walking Dead: "Made to Suffer"

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:13 am

The Walking Dead:

Our recap of the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead

The Reborn Reviews the Undead
PhoenixEquinox's The Walking Dead Reviews
Season 3 Episode 8: "Made To Suffer"
(I will spoil past episodes)

Alright everybody we made it to the mid-season finale! Let's get right into it then. Nothing else to really talk about. What? Why are you looking at me? Is there something on my face? Oh I see there were quite a bit of episodes in between this one and the last I reviewed, and you're wondering what I thought of them. Well I guess I'll tackle some quick thoughts I had about the previous five episodes before I talk about this one.

S3E3: "Walk With Me"

I really like this interpretation of the Governor. I think the only person who cold've played a direct interpretation of the comics' Governor is Danny Tejo (Machete), and although that would've been a lot of fun the quality of the show would've siffered I think. I also don't think a Trejo-like Governor would've seduced Andrea, but that's for later.

S3E4:" Killer Within"

Holy crap! A lot of stuff hit the fan in this episode, but out of it all I think the moment that resonated with me the strongest was the birth of Judith and the simultaneous death of Lori. I still to this day feel conflicted about it. On one hand Lori dies too early and I wanted to see her and Rick mend their broken relationship, but on the other realistically in that environment Lori would die while giving birth. Best episode of the season so far, but this week's may overtake after I'm done writing this review.

S3E5: "Say The Word"

Rick's reaction to Lori's death in this episode is both believable and totally badass. I think the Michone/Andrea moments in this episode suffer because of the time jump from Season 2 to Season 3 since we never saw their friendship develop. Michonne's decision to leave against Andrea's wishes holds no emotional gravity to anyone who never read the books. On another upside, I liked the arena scene in Woodbury, but I also felt it was more grand in the book.

S3E5: "Hounded"

I really like how they changed the telephone up in the show in that it's a bunch of the people who've died on Rick, not just Lori. Another aspect of this episode I liked was Merle's more manipulative side coming out when he killed Gargulio, and when he confronted Glenn and Maggie. I like his progression further into villainy. Other than this nothing else really noteworthy happened in this episode. Moving on.

S3E6: "When the Dead Come Knocking"

Michonne really takes a 180 in this episode since she seems to be more trusting and talkative to Rick's group than she was to the Governor's ,which to me makes sense since she spent so much time with Andrea, but I understand if it was odd or off-putting to anyone else. And their whole sequence of getting ready to fight the Governor and rescue Maggie and Glenn was cool. Speaking of Maggie and Glenn, I'm very happy the Governor didn't actually rape Maggie, but it does make him far less evil than the comics version. And Glenn is awesome! The way he took out that walker while still in the chair was sweet.

Ok now that that's out of the way let's get to Season 3 Episode 8: "Made to Suffer"

We start off following a new group of survivors running through walker-infested woods. This group is led by Tyresse (Finally). They get overwhelmed by walkers, one of their own even gets bitten, and they run to the closet building, which is an exposed section of the prison. Then we're brought back to Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Oscar at the gates of Woodbury preparing to siege and get back Glenn and Maggie. They slip in past the guards and quickly find out that the Governor has kept his prisoners a secret. Shortly after that. Michonne leaves the group to hide out in the Governor's house waiting to strike at the man who turned Andrea against her.

As for Tyreese's group, they're found in the aptly name Tombs of the prison by Carl. Then they are treated like anyone else who would happen upon the prison, which is like prisoners, until they can be trusted. Tyreese, being the logical person, accepts this and even compliments Carl saying "It's the man's prison." Rick's raiding party quickly find Glenn and Maggie and their covert operation gets exposed and the rescue mission turns into an all-out battle in Woodbury. And in the background of this battle, Michonne confronts the Governor using his secret walker room as her advantage.

And that's all the synopsis I'm gonna get into. First of all, Tyreese is perfect . I couldn't be happier with the casting decision of Chad Coleman, and I can't wait for more Tyreese. Overall, I thought the episode was a lot like episode 4 "Killer Within" (review above) in that it was action-packed and they covered alot of ground in it. But unlike episode 4, it didn't seem as muddled and it had more of a flow to it. It was edited and choreographed much better especially the rescue group's escape scene. I liked how in that scene they also were able to convey Rick's deteriorating sanity and how it harms the group. This will probably be explored much further in the second half of the season. I even liked the fate of The Governor and what Michonne does to him both mentally and physically. My only issue with that sequence of events in particular is that it's based solely upon assumptions. By this I mean they skipped the entirety of Michonne and Andrea's friendship, so we're meant to assume that when Andrea told Michonna to leave, it was far more emotional than Michonne made it seem. And now her entire revenge against the Governor plotline is based on them making us assume that Andrea and Michonne are much closer than it seems through our limited scope of thier friendship. This never sat right with me and still doesn't after their standoff.

As I said earlier, by the end of my review this episode will probably take episode 4's place as best one so far. And you know what? It has. This is the best episode of season 3 so far and leaves us in a very interesting place for the second half of the season. I can't wait for February, and I hope you can't either. Happy Holidays and thanks for reading. See you in 2013. 

Written or Contributed by PhoenixEquinox


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