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James Robinson Discusses Earth 2 #8

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:18 pm

James Robinson Discusses Earth 2 #8

The new Fury is introduced in Earth 2 #8

Source: DC Blog


In a Press Release at the DC Blog, writer James Robinson discusses Earth 2 #8 and #9.
Launched in May with artist Nicola Scott, James Robinson tells the story of heroes first emerging on the alternate Earth after the death of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. It focuses on young versions of Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and The Flash. As he did in Starman, Robinson is bringing several B-plots and background characters into this series as well as a battle of wits between Amar Khan and Sloan, with the various elements of the World Army.

Integrating several versions of characters has been a goal as well: 
That was very much the case where you had The Atom and then you had Damage and then you Atom Smasher. And in this world, where they're all young, you don't need three versions of that character. So my goal with this thing was to combine what made those characters interesting and put them into one character.
Issue #8 (on sale January 9 with guest-artist Yildiray Cinar) begins to explore the whole aspect of “the last Amazon” and the heritage of Amazon Island. This Fury's origin is different from previous incarnations,. She is no longer the daughter of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor but it does play into what happened to the Amazons of Earth 2 hinted at in the first issue. Steppenwolf has trained her and has her at his use. He has many goals set for the future and he will be using Fury to make them happen.
It’s also about Steppenwolf realizing there's one country in Earth-2 that he needs to be in for political reasons that make sense for him in terms of the big storyline. It's a solo story between Steppenwolf and Fury.
Earth 2 has a science fiction feel, but you have this eloquent alien barbarian and Fury, his sort of his aide de camp, just tearing through it and being savage and violent.

Issue #9 (drawn by Nicola Scott) begins a four-part of "Tower of Fate" arc that will introduce Dr. Fate to Earth-2 and show magic and all that fantastic stuff. it will establish why he doesn't want to be Dr. Fate, and why it terrifies him actually.
Coming up in Earth 2:
- Look for more on Hawkgirl’s motivations, how she acts and why she does things, as well as gradually revealing her origin over time, explaining who she is and why she got those wings. They're part of her body and she can't get rid of them. So she sees that as kind of a curse as well as a blessing. Also how she ties in with the World Army, how she ties in with the Atom — and Dr. Fate.
- Wotan, one of Dr. Fate's archenemies, is introduced.
- More focus on Jay Garrick and aspects of who he is as he finds his way as a hero, and we'll meet his mother, who's “a fun character to write”. 
- A World Army officer who will be a huge aspect of the future of Earth-2, although his involvement at this time will be small.
- Lots of big magic and craziness, with a big plot that directly involves Green Lantern and the mystery of the train explosion.
Below, check out Nicola Scott's variant cover to Earth 2 #8, and interior art by Yildiray Cinar.

Additonal interviews witth James Robuinson can be found at MTV GEEK, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES, COMIC VINE, and NEWSARAMA.

Written or Contributed by IvCNuB4


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