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"Comic Industrialist of the Year Award" Nominee: Dan Slott

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:26 pm

Another nominee for the most prestigious award ever to be handed out on the Internet.

Source: The Outhouse Newsroom

The Outhouse Newsroom has decided to honor the best and brightest the comic book industry has to offer by naming one lucky schmuck "Comic Industrialist of the Year". The Comic Industrialist of the Year is that special person who we feel has contributed the most to the comic book industry this year. It could be a writer, an artist, an editor, a journalist, a fictional character, or someone else entirely. All that matters is that we feel they're somehow important to the comic book industry.

We'll be naming one nominee each business day through the end of the year (unless we forget about it posting a nominee). We'll announce the winner on the 31st.

Today's Nominee: Daniel Ricardo Slott


  • Wrote Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, which is generally considered to be a good comic book.
  • Wrote The Thing, which is also generally considered to be a good comic book.
  • Wrote She-Hulk, which is also generally considered to be a good comic book.
  • Wrote Avengers: The Initative, which is generally considered to be an alright comic book.
  • Beat Fred Van Lente, Zeb Wells Bob Gale, and Marc Guggenheim in a no-holds barred cage match to become sole writer of The Amazing Spider-Man.
  • Is an occasional poster at the Outhouse, which is generally considered to be a good comic book message board.

Notable Accomplishments in 2012

  • Wrote 23+ issues of Amazing Spider-Man in 2012.
  • Wrote a story in which Peter Parker had to mentally experience having sex with his Aunt May in Dr. Octopus's body.  After comic book fans began to have Internet spasms over the grossness of it all, copped out and said that Aunt May and Dr. Octopus "just kissed".  The Internet remains unconvinced.
  • Killed off Silver Sable, a female superhero, without any accusations of sexism. 
  • Brought back the Hobgoblin, thus earning him the undying love of Outhouse writer, Zechs. Zechs has since erected a shrine to Slott in his closet.
  • Bragged about sleeping with an Outhouse poster's mother during a July 3rd argument.

Why He Should Win the Award

He's kept people talking about Amazing Spider-Man throughout 2012.  Also, he might sleep with our mothers if we don't give it to him.

Why He Shouldn't Win the Award

Amazing Spider-Man isn't all that good. 

We forgot to post this yesterday, so we might post another nominee this afternoon.  Stay tuned!

Written or Contributed by The Outhouse Newsroom


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