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Christopher Nolan may go "Interstellar" with next film project.

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:55 pm

Christopher Nolan may go

Dark Knight trilogy and Inception director negotiating to helm complex SF film project.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

If you were wondering what Christopher Nolan would do now that he's done with evil clowns, destroying football stadiums, and men who dress up like furry little winged mammals, then wait no longer.  The Hollywood Reported reports that The director of The Dark Knight trilogy is negotiating with Paramount to direct and produce Interstellar, a science fiction project written by Nolan's brother Jonathan. (Though you can expect Christopher to tinker with the script to get a credit as well.) The film would become a co-production of Paramount and Warner Bros., as Nolan's Syncopy Films production company is based at Warner Bros.

The film's plot revolves around space explorers who go through a wormhole. As this is is a Nolan project, things aren't going to be that simple. The story is set to include both time travel and alternate dimensions. The physics of which involve theories proposed by American theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, whose ideas make our heads explode when trying to comprehend them. (Heck, we tried to use LOLtron to figure out what Thorne was talking about and it even blew most of his circuits out.)

Whatever the plot of Interstellar turns out to be, expect it to be as complex as other legendary Nolan works like Memento and Inception.


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