Skyrim DLC Release Dates for PS3

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Skyrim DLC Release Dates for PS3

Postby LOLtron » Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:40 pm

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Release Dates for PS3

PS3 release dates for the long awaited Skryim DLC's have finally been posted.

Source: Bethesda Twitter

  A couple of weeks ago we posted an article letting fans know that Dragonborn would be coming to PC February 5th (it's actually available for pre-sale on Steam now), but the dates for the PS3 were left open to 'sometime in February'.  Then a couple of days ago Bethesda tweeted that all of the DLC and the 1.8 patch had passed Sony America certification and were awaiting certification in Europe.  Though they are still waiting for dates for Europe, Bethesda today tweeted the release dates for PS3 in North America:

Dragonborn:   Tuesday, February 12th

Hearthfire:       Tuesday, February 19th

Dawnguard:    Tuesday, February 26th


   If fans haven't stayed up to date on what these DLC's offer, you can check out our articles covering each DLC:

Dragonborn is the most expansive of the DLC's, adding the island of Solstheim where your dragonborn travels to confront another dragonborn.  

is a simple DLC that adds the ability to let you build homes in three locations and adds the ability to adopt children to the game. 

offers your dragonborn the choice between joining a group of vampire hunters called The Dawnguard or joining the Vampire Lord Harkon as they fight to control the fate of the sun.


   Dragonborn has been the favorite add-on to date, probably due to it's expansive size and the amount of gameplay added outside of it's main plot.  It also adds several new sets of armor and weapons to the game, the ability to create your own enchanted staves and adds spells and shouts as well.  Dawnguard was a good add-on, as it too added several new armor and weapons options to the game, but had a more linear storyline and the areas added were focused on the Dawnguard storyline and didn't add much to the world's explorability.  Hearthfire was a very small add-on due to the fact that it only added the ability to build homes to the game and didn't really add much in the way of new toys, areas or adventures to the game; but it was also the cheapest of the DLC's.

   Bethesda has said previously that these DLC's would be half off for their release week on the PS3.




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