OP/ED: Is It Just Me Or Does All This Drone Talk Sound Like A Super-Villain’s Plan?

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OP/ED: Is It Just Me Or Does All This Drone Talk Sound Like A Super-Villain’s Plan?

Postby LOLtron » Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:52 am

OP/ED: Is It Just Me Or Does All This Drone Talk Sound Like A Super-Villain’s Plan?

Sending targeted missiles into populated areas with no regard for bystanders or laws reminds me of The Mad Thinker.

I want to make it clear, I do not care about the ethics, morality, or even Constitutionality of domestic or foreign drone attacks; I am, generally, in favor of anything that makes it so there are less people who could, in theory, get in my way (speaking of, anyone know what happened to frequent Outhouse contributor, Punchy?).   That being said, doesn’t all this sound like something Lex Luthor would do from the Hall of Injustice?

Think about it, what would pre-AVX Captain America think about a process that boiled down to, basically, sitting thousands of miles away as someone hits a button to take out American citizens with no due process or even a trial.  He’d think “What is the Red Skull up to now?” that’s what he’d think.

I imagine The Toy maker sitting down with Pentagon officials trying to get financing for his new “Kill Superman” toys craftily re-marketed as “flying spy machines you can kill bad guys with, but not me.”

Again, blow up all the factories, schools, terrorist camps, or even worthless states like Missouri all you want - try and throw some non-brown victims in there if you can - but if the government ever wants to try and spin this and make it look like something a real American hero would participate in they are going to have to come up with some way to convince us that the drones are not flying Doombots bent on world domination that would be easily hacked by some angry emo 13 year-old in his mom’s basement.

I am no expert (in anything, ask my wife), but all I can imagine whenever I hear people talk about drone strikes is The Penguin’s plan in Penguin: Pain & Prejudice of sending hundreds of flying penguin robots all over Gotham in order to…well, I don’t remember what the goal was, but the point stands.  Drone strikes, whether we admit it or not, sounds like what happens when a group of super-villains get together to solve the “Batman problem” and that’s not the America I want to root for.

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