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Why I Love Comics: Best of 2012 Gaming Edition

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:13 pm

Why I Love Comics: Best of 2012 Gaming Edition

What?! The Why I Love Comics Best of 2012 Video Game Edition? Aw snap, son!

Comics Edition:

Digital Entertainment Edition:

On this episode I go off on quite possibly one of the weirdest tangents ever. It's the final installment of the Why I Love Comics awards all about gaming!

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Twitter -

My webcomic -

Game of the year- Telltale's Walking Dead

Best RPG - Mass Effect 3

Best Voice Acting male - Mark Meer for Mass Effect 3

Best Voice acting female - Ashley Burch "Tiny Tina" Borderlands 2

Best Indie Game - Retro City Rampage

Best Multiplayer - Awesomenauts

Best DLC - Awesomenauts/Binding of Isaac Wrath of the lamb

Best Shooter - Hotline Miami

Best FPS - Farcry 3

Best writing - Anthony Burch/Mikey Neumann for Borderlands 2

Weirdest licensing deal - Angry Birds Star Wars

Villain of the year - Vaas (Farcry 3) and Handsome Jack

Most Anticipated - Bioshock Infinite, Mew-genics, Laura Croft, GTA5, Double Fine Adventure

Written or Contributed by Eric Ratcliffe


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