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The Walking Dead: "Home"

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:40 am

The Walking Dead:

PhoenixEquinox returns to review the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead!

The Reborn reviews the Undead
PhoenixEquinox’s The Walking Dead Reviews
Season 3 Episode 10: "Home"
(There will be spoilers of past episodes)

At the end of the last episode Rick sees Lori in the prison, and then yelled at her to go away revealing to everyone that he has gone off the deep end. But how far and what kind? Well I’m no psychology expert, but I do know enough to tell you that Rick has paranoid schizophrenia. Two principle symptoms of this are visual hallucinations and audio hallucinations; both of which Rick has in the show. I say “in the show” because in the comic Rick only hears Lori’s voice over the phone, but since this is television they gotta push him that much further over the edge. Now here’s my problem with that extra step. In the normal zombie-free world if you have that intense paranoid schizophrenia there is pretty much no coming back from that without the help of various medicines. But Rick lives in the zombie apocalypse which I’m pretty sure doesn’t have psychological drugs readily available. But he’ll probably just learn something from Lori’s “ghost” and overcome his intense psychosis. And that sentence right there may be less believable than the zombie apocalypse

This episode starts out with Rick going even crazier and chasing Lori’s “ghost” out of the prison walls while Michonne watches. Tensions are high in the prison especially since Glenn has assumed leadership and has projected his own stress onto the group. Everyone at the prison still seems to be recuperating from the events of the attack on Woodbury, but nothing really gets done except some arguing about leaving or staying. (Also there is no sign of Tyrese’s group) As for the Dixons the’re wandering the wilderness and Daryl learns that he’s outgrown his brother, and Merle pretty much comes to the same realization. And in Woodbury, the Governor disappears and Andrea and Milton are left to hold the town together. As you can tell it doesn’t seem like a lot happened in this episode, but the last 15 minutes get a figurative and literal shot of action which redeems the pretty much nothing that happens earlier. (There’s even zombie killing with the Dixons, but still not much was accomplished.)The last 15 minutes are so crazy that I don’t even want to get into them in this review. But know these facts: people die, people return, and war has been declared.

Overall, I thought this episode was really good. I liked how Daryl’s strange backwards step was corrected so quickly. And with that I like how quickly both Dixon brothers realized that too. But not all characters’ progression was handled as well. I did not care for Glenn and Maggie’s relationship taking a turn for the worst. I thought they both overacted to the events of Woodbury because I don’t understand why Maggie just didn’t tell Glenn that she wasn’t raped like right when they left. It just seems to be unnecessary drama for drama’s sake. And even though I criticized Rick’s psychosis in the beginning I like the way the group as a whole is handling it, but I don’t necessarily believe Glenn is next in line for leadership. I think that Tyrese shouldn’t have left last episode and it should have played out like the book in that Tyrese knocks the crazy out of Rick. I also like the mystery of the truck driver in the last 15 minutes mainly because I can usually guess mysteries but I’m still scathing my head on this one.

To wrap this up I can’t stress how good the last 15 minutes were, so go out and watch it.(But seriously there’s no coming back from paranoid schizophrenia.)

S3Ep10: 4 out of 5

Written or Contributed by Royal Nonesuch


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