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Vanquish Your Enemies in New Rob Liefeld Contest

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:59 am

Vanquish Your Enemies in New Rob Liefeld Contest

Rob Liefeld is running a contest where he will draw your Extreme Comics stories and publish them in an upcoming comic.

Superstar artist Rob Liefeld announced a contest yesterday where fans are invited to submit short stories featuring Extreme Comics characters, with the prize being that Liefeld will pick three of the best stories and draw them as backups in upcoming issues of Bloodstrike or Youngblood, so sometime in 2024.

Though the contest is meant to appeal to Liefeld's dedicated fanbase, aspiring writers could also use the contest as a way to eliminate their rivals by submitting those rivals' stories to the contest and having Liefeld draw them in his signature nineties style. The pain and embarrassment of having their valued creations depicted with giant shoulder-pads, anatomically impossible poses, and no feet would be a blow that a young creator is unlikely to recover from.

Though three (un)lucky winners will have their stories drawn by Liefeld, it is unconfirmed whether Liefeld will follow it up by ending their professional relationship on Twitter with a series of remarks about their talent and penis size. "At the very least, I'll make vague references to how everything wrong with the stories are their fault," the artist may have promised, "but I can't commit to a full-blown social media meltdown. My schedule is very busy."

It's true. Liefeld has gotten a lot of work since quitting DC comics in a huff last year. Since leaving DC Comics, Liefeld has begun work on... Um, then he... And of course, there's... Well, at least he's definitely doing...

If you're interested in destroying the career of a rival, or if you're into games like Russian Roulette, you can enter the contest here.

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror


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