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Bot Con 2015 Round-Up & Musings

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Postby LOLtron » Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:49 pm

It took him awhile, but Zechs finally went to a major toy convention. See what went down at one of THE Transformer cons.

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After reporting for this site for what seven years (has it been that long?), there's one thing that I've never done. Though I've reported on it with other-hand accounts (using people I know, or other sites), I've never attended a Joe Con, Bot Con, or Toy Fair. It's sad given I love this damn obsession hobby and know a good chunk of at least some lines of figures. 

FINALLY, today was the day I got the chance to actually go to a convention that's strictly all about figures: Transformers. I love them. It pained me having to wait while this con went on from Wednesday to today, but today was the day I FINALLY WENT.

Of course the first thing that caught my eye was the Collector's Club exclusive (out maybe next month)  is Old Snake (aka an older Cobra Commander who appeared in Transformer episode, "Only Human") and his "B.A.T.s" (not in the episode, but Transformer Prime: Soundwave repaints):


HNNNNG! I don't know how, but I will find them. Just right next to this display though was the entrance to the dealer/artist alley room. The space was open and there were tons of dealers offering up new to old G1. I went more for the new, since dammit I want the Combine Wars Cyclonnus and Windblade. The only "classic" I picked up was Deluxe Cyclonnus mold from a few years ago and nabbed myself a translucence version of that. Because damn that light piping.

All the big name Transformer sellers were there from Big Bad Toy Store, TF Source, Captured Prey, and Toy Dojo. Of course I inspected each top and down (of course nabbing some goodies for myself). About the most ironic thing was I could have had a free print, but ever the hon.. the.. NO I refuse to say that word. *ahem* NOBLE being, (yeeeeessss that's far better) I notified the Big Bad Toy Store who kept it in case that person who lost their "Seeker" print came back.

I'm still stand-offish on not purchasing one thing at TF Source (they had an exclusive rare there). I kept mulling over should I or not? I think I made the right choice, but it would have been sweet to have a Marvel Comic styled Megatron/Optimus Prime. Oh well.

Still, Hasbro was there and they announced earlier their new Combiner Wars waves for early next year and showed off their crown jewel of this year: Devastator in all three three flavors too (Takara, SDCC, and retail version).


I'm still mulling over which one to buy myself. I know I will buy one (where the hell I'm gonna put it is up in the air). The molds each have their own charm about them. Takara has not only good paint apps, but added articulation (the SDCC and retail have some of their Voyagers lacking in arm for cost purposes supposedly) along with two easy snap fixture to switch the head, SDCC has a nice chrome and added paint apps (along with the just eyes), while retail has the visor look and more G1-esque callback in paint apps. 

However, the one new figure I fanned over the most was the announcement of Bruticus (out spring of 2016):


Oh yes he will be mine. HE WILL BE MINE!! Of course there was the new Sky Lynx (with his combiners) and the current form of Optimus (plus his combiners)  that will also be out earlier next year as well.

The only Gesalt absent was that made her debut earlier at the con, Victorion. I really thought Hasbro would end the convention with a teaser or the form for her in the Combine War toyline. Alas, it never happened and those who're gonna be at SDCC will probably be in for a treat.

Of course there was something more, at the Hasbro booth if you looked closer enough at their various banners and posters around: Titan Wars (along with various figures being teased for that line: Blaster, Fortress Maximus, and "not" Astro Train, but someone who looks like him).  It'll be really curious what kind of mechanics Hasbro will go with this since they've been going for simplistic since last year, but if they do something akin to this it's gotta have a more complicated transformation.


Though like I said, toys weren't the only vice to be satisfied here. There was creators and their art! NEEDS AND PRINTS HAD TO BE SATISFIED!! So much so I had to buy another book after this damn show because I bought so many talented artists there.

Which leads me to the crown jewel and highlight of the entire con: Matt Frank (one of the very talented artists currently on Godzilla: Rulers of Earth). Prior to the con, I had hit him up for a commission of my absolute favorite Transformer of all time, Beast Wars Megatron in both robot and beast mode. What he gave me, damn I love it so very much yeeeeeeeeessssss:


I really wish Bot Con would hang around IL again, but it is a con that is always on the move and I fully understand the necessity of it bringing in fans of Transformers: new and old to it's ranks. I was glad to make it to one at last and FINALLY take in the things I've only reported on from just a desktop.

Of course, next month is G-Fest (GODZILLA!!! Aka Kaiju Fest Madness aka Heaven) and I will be so taking a more active role than last year.  Honestly, I can't recall if there's any more midwest Transformer conventions (last year TF Con was in IL, but this year they're in Charlotte, NC). Still, this was an amazing con. Given the chance I would so be down to going to another Bot Con if the funds were with me. Maybe I will, just if the stars aline as well with a reason to do it *cough* David Kaye back again somehow someway  *cough*.  In any case, thanks Bot Con for the amazing experience!!



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