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Aladdin Exponential: IV: Enter The Lamp - New Release

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Helter Skelter

Postby jonblondyn » Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:44 pm

Hey guys,

just completed a new version of the Aladdin story I posted some first and second drafts of back then.

(Logline : Aladdin's pulled into the lamp / finds himself immersed in a Whole New World.)

this New Draft is what guess will call a LTS (or Long Term Support) release. (think Linux) it's basically a newer "model version" of the story I've been working on for 10+ years.

this draft:

is basically a 'Final Draft' of the novel, and also, the first version of the story I'm releasing that's actually for sale @ $3.99 on Amazon (and free to read if you've got Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime or whatever the hell))

not only is it for sale, it's a CC BY-SA novel.

you can literally / legally (according to CC BY-SA, copyleft-like, terms) re-write / re-invent / re-work this tale into an adaptation of your own unique story. this way, if somehow can be imagined, we can work on creating a story together / apart, maybe distribute, keep our stories together/in-touch, via some block-chain maneuver, somehow ..

(note for thought: i really don't know if this is practical / if anybody's even interested in doing that)

but the story is LTS Complete, (a fun read fo both you and yo mama ; ) featuring:

- at length, an adaptation of the Aladdin Story from 1001 Arabian Nights
- in part, a reinvented version of : The Original Creation Story
- the journey / evolution of Youth, (or Holden) on quest to find his Long Lost Love, up against the genie-like, Dark Skeleton, inside the lamp .. + more

chances are, in future, will update the story again, but for all practicality sake of finalizing the draft of its sequel story, figure will share this version now.

(if you didn't catch the last release, 'Aladdin Exponential' is a CC BY-SA series I've been working on. V and VI are already written (V is a Frankenstein Adaptation, VI is a Space Odyssey-like epic), but must clean them up first.

the Aladdin Exponential: IV: Enter the Lamp, is just a random (star-wars like) place I've decided to begin working on the story..

in any case, if you want to read it, go ahead.
if you want to visit my site, its
thanks for reading

also here's the cover of the novel.


hav a nice day

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Helter Skelter

Postby jonblondyn » Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:02 am

so would anyone be ever into adapting/creating their own Graphic Novel, or Comic Book, even, based on this story?

(just trying to gauge if 'copyleft adapting' has any 'universal' or 'practical' appeal or if i'm wasting too much time ..)

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