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    Make Me One With Everything

    I don't know who Karl is, but I'm impressed! If I were to ever meet the Dalai Lama, I'd like to think I'd try something like this.

    Originally Pubished at: David Bird

    Captain Canuck

    Support for the Vancouver Canucks is everywhere in the city.


    James Stokoe, author of the fantastic Won Ton Soup and (the not really my thing) Orc Stain, has put his spin on the Amazing Spider-Man.

    A New Look?

    Yes, I've been messing around with the look of the blog. No, it isn't final.

    Originally Pubished at: David Bird

    B.P.R.D. Volume 7: Garden of Souls (January 2008)

    I did one entry into this project last month and, obviously, I’ll only be making one this month too.

    May Comics

    B.P.R.D.: The Dead Remembered #2: I am still not a hundred percent convinced of the need to go over this ground again, but this issue does do a great job of retelling the story of the death of...

    Showcase Presents

    I’ve spent most of the last six weeks’ comics reading time going through six volumes of DC’s Showcase Presents trades.

    World At Large: A New Legacy?

    It looks like today’s election will be a game changer.

    Countdown To Withdrawal

    Bin Laden is dead.

    April Comics

    Batgirl #20: Steph wins the first round with her new nemesis, The Order of the Scythe; and, thankfully, it was not a SUV, but a boxily (“boxily”?) drawn compact.B.P.R.D.: The Dead Remembered #1:...

    Sometimes You Just Know What You Want

    This show went a little off script when a little girl decided she liked red more than blue or green.

    Originally Pubished at: David Bird

    The Bears Of Idun

    This is a short story I wrote last year.

    World At Large: Kids These Days!

    I overheard someone complaining about the behaviour of teens.