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    Oh, The Horror! #51: The Strangers

    This film being Bryan Bertino's first theatrical directorial prosper shows a ton of promise within the horror realm.

    Inception Trailer

    New Christopher Nolan!!!

    Apologies and a Street Fighter Video

    Man, I haven't been keeping this blog up to date for quite some time!

    Point Blank and The Hunter

    (NOTE: There is some spoilage here.

    Playlist: Deep Blues Part 2 – Chicago & Beyond

    As a companion to my review of Robert Palmer’s book Deep Blues, I present part two of  two playlists.  Check out the first part via this link.  This playlist features music from Chicago and...

    Rave Ups: Deep Blues by Robert Palmer

    First of all, this book first published in 1981 was not written by Robert Palmer, the singer that brought you the hit song “Addicted to Love”.  The Robert Palmer that wrote this book was...

    Playlist: Deep Blues Part 1 – Mississippi Delta to Chicago

    As a companion to my review of Robert Palmer’s book Deep Blues, I present part one of  two playlists.  Check out the second part via this link.  This playlist features music from the very...

    The Wrasslin' Fan #4: The 2010 Draft

    ITB: CM Punk moves to Canada to avoid being drafted to RAW.

    2010 First Quarter Round Up and Playlist

    Since I haven't had much time as of late to post content to this site, I thought I would do my best to give my readers a report on the last three months of music.  The releases listed below...

    The Human Centipede Trailer

    Awww man, this trailer cracks me up. I may want to see this.

    Oh, The Horror! #50: The Others

    A movie I've been wanting to see again for years.

    Oh, The Horror! #49: Quarantined

    Finally having seen this, this was probably the 4 or 5th time I've attempted to watch this movie and finally saw the whole thing.

    Fuck You, You Fucking Fanboy

    Outhouse video and podcast star GHERU gives his thoughts on the state of internet comic fandom.

    Cosmic Odyssey

    Writer: Jim Starlin, Pencils: Mike Mignola, Inks: Carlos GarzonPublished by DC 1992, re-issued 2009Originally published as four issues in 1988 Cosmic Odyssey lives up to its name, taking readers...