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    Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)

    One thing about starting a new family is getting exposed to a new generation of children’s entertainment.

    Film Review: The Prisoner (2009)

    I rented this six episode mini-series over the past couple of weeks.

    Oh, The Horror! # 56: What's Your Horror? Part 2: Movies

    Part 2 of my recent comic column where I ask creators about their favorite horror...

    Oh, The Horror! #55: Let's Ask #3: What's Your Horror? Part 1: Books

    On my recent Face To Greg, I ask various comic creators what their favorite horror books...

    Rave Ups: Elvis Costello’s Albums 2000 – 2009

    During this period Elvis continued to play around and collaborate with more of his favorites, tried his hand at an even wider range of material, courted a new fan base through college radio, and...

    Rave Ups: Elvis Costello’s Albums 1986 – 1999

    A period of serious rebirth and artistic experimentation.  Along with the wider range of material Elvis released during this stretch you get a wider range of hit and miss as well.  There are...

    A Few Words About Stan Lee

    I'm been meaning to write more for the blog, and more on comics, than I have been, so, to get things back on track, I am going to write something that's been on my mind for sometime: fanboys really...

    Oh, The Horror! # 53: Radical Comics' City of Dust

    Let me start off by saying that although Steve Niles is dubbed as a modern master of horror, as a writer he doesn't do much for me.

    The Wrasslin' Top Five #2: Top TNA Workers of 2010

    In the spirit of today's particular holiday, I've decided to look at the work-ethic of pro wrasslin'.  I considered, at first, doing an "All Time"-type thing, but decided I should narrow it...

    Rave Ups: Complicated Shadows – The Life Music of Elvis Costello

    This Biography on Elvis Costello was written by Brit music journalist Graeme Thomson and published in 2006.  Thomson is no stranger to the music biopic as he has written books on a couple of other...


    Writer: Cathy Malkasian, Artist: Cathy Malkasian
    Published by Fantagraphics, 2010

    Temperance is an unusual book, but easiest enough to describe.

    Absolute Planetary Vol. 1 & 2

    Writer: Warren Ellis, Art: John Cassaday Published by DC/Wildstorm, 2011 I don’t know how many times I’ve read through Planetary. As the later issues were delayed, every time a new one...

    Honour Where Its Due

    When Steve Gerber died a couple of years ago, the Eisners were on the horizon and I wondered why he wasn't in the Hall of Fame.