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    Oh, The Horror! #49: Quarantined

    Finally having seen this, this was probably the 4 or 5th time I've attempted to watch this movie and finally saw the whole thing.

    Fuck You, You Fucking Fanboy

    Outhouse video and podcast star GHERU gives his thoughts on the state of internet comic fandom.

    Cosmic Odyssey

    Writer: Jim Starlin, Pencils: Mike Mignola, Inks: Carlos GarzonPublished by DC 1992, re-issued 2009Originally published as four issues in 1988 Cosmic Odyssey lives up to its name, taking readers...

    "I'm Getting to Old for This Shit"

    That title is one of the most famous lines in one of the greatest buddy movies ever made.

    I'm Getting to Old for This Shit

    That title is one of the most famous lines in one of the greatest buddy movies ever made. Buddy movies have been around for ages now, harking back to the days of Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and...

    Predators Trailer

    Robert Rodriguez's upcoming Predators!

    What Are the Glory Days?

    Back in the seventies, when I was but a preteen with an over active sex drive, my family would gather together to watch a little sticom called Happy Days.

    Oh, The Horror! #48: Angel Heart

    A masterfully done film, one of my absolute favorites.

    Oh, The Horror! #47: The Last House on the Left (Remake)

    One of my god brothers introduced me to this film as he's a fan of both this and the original.

    Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer 2

    Well, the second preview for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake was released.

    Underground #5

    Writer: Jeff Parker, Artist: Steve Lieber Published by Image 2010 The economy has fallen out of the bottom of Marion, Kentucky and many, led by local merchant Winston Barefoot, see their salvation...

    Sweet Rebecca (Poem for Valentine's Days)

    Sweet Rebecca was a pretty little thingWho believed in love but kept getting flings.Her lips were red as the color of bloodAnd her heart longed for a man to love.Sweet Rebecca met Mark with eyes blue...

    Oh, The Horror! #46: The Wolfman

    The Wolfman is a film directed by Joe Johnston, a remake of the original 1941 Wolfman movie that starred horror scream king Lon Chaney, Jr.