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    Saga of the Swamp Thing Volume 1

    Writer: Alan Moore, Artist: Stephen Bissette, John Totleben et al.Published by DC/Vertigo, 2009If I was worrying about trying too hard to sell things with my last review, I certainly shouldn’t need...

    De: Tales and Daytripper

    Writer: Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, Artist: Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba De: Tales published by Dark Horse, 2006 Daytripper published by DC/Vertigo, 2009-ongoing These two titles are by a pair of...

    Oh, The Horror! #43: A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Let me be first to say that although I am a Robert Englund fan, I wasn't always a Freddy Kruger fan.

    Oh, The Horror! #42: Halloween

    Another wonderful classic.

    It was the worst of times...

    Starlord returns in his second blog!

    Oh, The Horror! #41: The House Centipede

    Okay, remember that post I made way back of Barry?

    Oh, The Horror! #40: The Shining

    I know I've seen this before but I don't recall ANYTHING about it.

    It was the best of times...

    Hello true believers! It is I, Starlord, starting my own Super Geek Blog as part of my New Years resolution. For those who don't know me, I'm a gay man in his forties whose love for everything...

    The Marquis: Inferno

    Writer: Guy Davis, Artist: Guy Davis Published by Dark Horse, 2009 As an artist, Guy Davis can do anything and do it well. In the design of each page and panel, the depiction of epic battles and...

    Top 20 Albums of 2009

    # Artist Album Label 1. Metric Fantasies Metric/Last Gang |Listen|Buy| 2. Dirty Projectors Bitte Orca Domino |Listen|Buy| 3. Handsome Furs Face Control Sub Pop...

    The Winter Men

    Writer: Brett Lewis, Artist John Paul Leon
    Published by DC/Wildstorm 2009

    There are a lot of ways to start a review, but a rant isn’t one of them.

    Album Review: Flaming Lips – Embryonic (2009)

    Rating Track # Sound Code Name Duration *** 1 M Convinced of the Hex 3:59 ** 2 M Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine 4:17 *** 3 ML Evil 5:41 * 4 M Aquarious Sabotage 2:13 *** 5 MH See the...

    Rave Ups: The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie

    Woody was born in 1912 in Okemah, Oklahoma and started on his ramblin’ ways at an early age.  He moved from Pampa, Texas to California to New York City; drifting through the rest of America in...

    Oh, The Horror! #39: Attack of the Killer Foot!

    The final cut/version of my editing project.

    Oh, The Horror! #38: Greedy Fly by Bush and Marcus Nispel

    One of my favorite bands and favorite videos ever.