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    Brother Voodoo celebrates Halloween 09!

    Went as the good doctor for Halloween!

    Oh, The Horror! #36: Trick 'r Treat

    What the heck is this now?

    Rave Ups: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    What a great film.  The Cohen Brothers at their best in my opinion.  It’s a wonderfully clever retelling of Homer’s Iliad in the style of a 3 Stooges movie set in an alternate universe...

    Oh, The Horror! #35: The Addams Family & Addams Family Values

    I re-watched both movies a few nights ago with my girl and both remain at the top of favorite movies for me.

    Oh, The Horror! #34: Paranormal Activity

    Most over-hyped film in recent years or does it live up to it?

    Album Review: Centro-Matic – Redo The Stacks (1996)

    Rating Track # Sound Code Name Duration ** 1 M The Pilot’s On The Wall 0:58 ***** 2 MH Parade Of Choosers 2:42 **** 3 MH Terrified Anyway 1:54 **** 4 M Post-It Notes From The State...

    Album Review: American Analog Set – The Golden Band (1999)

    Rating Track # Sound Code Name Duration *** 1 M Weather Report 2:54 ***** 2 M A Good Friend Is Always Around 2:33 *** 3 M It’s All About Us 6:30 **** 4 M A Schoolboy’s Charm 4:23...

    A Motherf**kin' Rat!

    A recreation of Annie Hall that I helped some friends do. I'm the dude in the film. Weird seeing me act...

    A Motherf***in' Rat from Lucas on Vimeo.

    Oh, The Horror! #33: I Walked With A Zombie

    I Walked With a Zombie was a 1943 movie directed by Jacques Tourneur and produced by Val Lewton.

    I was interviewed...

    As mention, part of this website mission is to unleash hidden talent for the world to see.

    Rave Ups: Low – You May Need A Murderer (DVD)

    Today’s feature is the 2008 film documentary by dutch director David Kleijwegt about one of my favorite Minnesota bands – Low.  This 70 minute document is a multimedia portrait of an...


    "Icon is that rarest of creatures -- a well-told adventure story that achieves genuine political depth.

    Oh, The Horror! #32: Cat People

    For this semester in school, I enrolled in a film class showcasing horror movies by Val Lewton and Jacques Tourneur.

    Oh, The Horror! #31: Bram Stoker's Dracula

    Wow, did I have a good time watching this movie.