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    Windows to my soul



    Authors: pedi

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    BABY BASH “FANTASY GIRL” Music Video – CG VFX by Pedram

    Sometimes a project comes along that’s a complete disaster… and your task is to save the day, and your client’s ass…. for me, more often than not. For this Baby Bash music...

    OH just cus a woman instigates sex it makes them a slut

    It links to a whole forum discussion about a couple of DC changes.  I think most people have had more an issue with her complete change of characterization and it seems done just for sake of...

    So apparently as part of DC’s new 52 relaunch is that...

    So apparently as part of DC’s new 52 relaunch is that Starfire is a slut now.  :|

    Authors: xaraan

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    Just came across this “Black Nerd Rants” on...

    Just came across this “Black Nerd Rants” on Youtube.  Funny stuff, check it out.

    Authors: xaraan

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    Marvel Comics Presents #139 – Pencils Inks, Age 16 – Breaking into Comics

    While I am walking through memories…. figured I’d chat a little about this too. Being, it was my first major published works, while I was in tenth grade. I was fortunate enough as a kid...

    Published in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn #18, at age 16

    I introduced myself to Todd at a Pittsburg Comicon some 19 years ago… At that time, I had already been published by Marvel in Marvel Comics Presents #139 as penciler and inker for a 8 page...

    Spider-Man: Complete Clone Saga Epic Book – Cover by ME!

    It is hard to believe that I originally penciled and inked this cover for Scarlet Spider “Planet of the Symbiotes” #1, published by Marvel Comics back in 1995, when I was 19… Then,...

    California Lotto Commercial – CG Rabbits

    A funny little spot I did earlier this year… I was Sr.

    The Hartford Commercial – Photo-real CG Boot / Purse

    I created all CG / 3D VFX Animation in this cool commercial – the entire transformation from boot to purse, including models, textures, shaders, rigs, animations, lighting and renders…...

    Burger King: Breakfast March

    A fun spot I worked on a lil while ago… I was lead 3d vfx generalist responsible for 3d models, textures, shaders, rig, animation, camera tracks, lighting & renders of wrecking ball &...

    koldunkisloty: Painted Splattered Super Heroes // By: Arian...

    Batman Wolverine Spiderman Iron Man Hulk Thor koldunkisloty: Painted Splattered Super Heroes // By: Arian Noveir Authors: xaraanRead...

    awyeahcomics: Ultimate Spider-Man by Mike Maihack


    Ultimate Spider-Man by Mike Maihack

    Authors: xaraan

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    Coca-Cola Zero: Unbelievable

    A few years back, I was lead cg fur artist / technical director on this infamous spot!

    Disgruntled Clown “A Made Man” Preview – Audio Excerpt!

    This is a minute and a half audio excerpt from my dramatic dark comedy short film series called “Disgruntled Clown”… Created, Written, Directed, Filmed, 3D Visual Effects, Edited,...