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    Godzilla Destroys My Local Comics Shop

    How's that for a promotional idea!

    Originally Pubished at: David Bird


    Apparently there is a liberal bias in the social sciences.

    World At Large: The Silent Majority

    One month ago Representative Gabrielle Giffords was meeting constituents in a supermarket in Tucson when a gun man walked up and shot her in the head.

    Canada Reads

    Its time!

    Godland Celestial Edition Two

    Writer: Joe Casey, Artist: Tom Scioli
    Published by Image, 2010

    I can’t believe its only been three years since the last Celestial Edition.

    January’s Comics

    Shape of things to come.

    Oh, The Horror! #60: Frozen

    I was original suggested this movie by my oldest god brother a few months back.

    Oh, The Horror! #59: Black Swan

    So for my birthday shindig, I gathered some friends and family and headed straight to the theaters for a grand time of Black Swan.

    Wow... just... wow.

    Top 20 Albums of 2010

    # Artist Album Label 1. Beach House Teen Dream Sub Pop |Listen|Buy| 2. Manic Steet Preachers Postcards From A Younger Man Columbia |Listen|Buy| 3. Band Of Horses Infinite Arms...

    Playlist: Best Songs of 2010

    Below is a playlist featuring some of the best tracks off the albums listed on my Top 20 list of 2010.  If you do not see the embedded playlist below please follow this link. Originally Pubished...

    Playlist: Best Songs of 2010 – Honorable Mention

    Below is a playlist featuring the best tracks off of my Best Albums of 2010 Honorable Mention list.

    Oh, The Horror! #58: Horror of Tim Burton

    I'm a huge nut for Tim Burton as he's the reason as to why I'm currently a film major and lover.

    Charley's War: The Great Mutiny

    Writer: Pat Mills, Artist: Joe ColquhounPublished by Titan Books, 2010I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive starting this book--I don’t usually read the seventh book of a series, if I haven’t...

    Screen Caps of my film, Crossing Fear

    One reason as to my busy schedule and not being able to keep this blog as up-to-date and frequent is due to me working insanely on my film thesis, Crossing Fear.

    Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)

    Apparently this is a remake of an old made for TV horror flick.