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    Oh, The Horror! #45: Jennifer's Body

    "The pieces of Jennifer's boooody..." Sorry, I'm a Hole fan and Jennifer's Body is one of my favorite songs from their album Live Thru This.

    Day 2: Mr. Terrific

    For some reason, calling Michael Holt, aka Mr.

    Comic Book Black History Month, Day One: Blade

    Man, remember when this was also suppose to be a blog where I also focus on comics I like, heh heh?

    Playlist: Best Songs of 2009 – Honorable Mention

    As a companion to my list and playlist of the top 20 best albums of 2009, I present a playlist featuring the best cuts from 2009 that were not included on those lists.

    Northlanders Volume 2: The Cross And The Hammer

    Writer: Brian Wood, Artist: Ryan Kelly Published by DC/Vertigo 2009 I enjoyed the first volume of Northlanders well enough, even if it could be a bit anachronistic at times. I kept thinking that...

    Oh, The Horror! #44: The Final Destination (4)

    Ugh, I'll try my best not to cuss through out this review... ah, fuck it.

    Playlist: Best Songs of 2009

    Running a little late on this one…  As a companion playlist to my list of the top 20 best albums of 2009, I present a playlist featuring one of the best cuts off of each of those albums,...

    Saga of the Swamp Thing Volume 1

    Writer: Alan Moore, Artist: Stephen Bissette, John Totleben et al.Published by DC/Vertigo, 2009If I was worrying about trying too hard to sell things with my last review, I certainly shouldn’t need...

    De: Tales and Daytripper

    Writer: Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, Artist: Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba De: Tales published by Dark Horse, 2006 Daytripper published by DC/Vertigo, 2009-ongoing These two titles are by a pair of...

    Oh, The Horror! #43: A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Let me be first to say that although I am a Robert Englund fan, I wasn't always a Freddy Kruger fan.

    Oh, The Horror! #42: Halloween

    Another wonderful classic.

    It was the worst of times...

    Starlord returns in his second blog!

    Oh, The Horror! #41: The House Centipede

    Okay, remember that post I made way back of Barry?

    Oh, The Horror! #40: The Shining

    I know I've seen this before but I don't recall ANYTHING about it.