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    Oh, The Horror! #33: I Walked With A Zombie

    I Walked With a Zombie was a 1943 movie directed by Jacques Tourneur and produced by Val Lewton.

    I was interviewed...

    As mention, part of this website mission is to unleash hidden talent for the world to see.

    Rave Ups: Low – You May Need A Murderer (DVD)

    Today’s feature is the 2008 film documentary by dutch director David Kleijwegt about one of my favorite Minnesota bands – Low.  This 70 minute document is a multimedia portrait of an...


    "Icon is that rarest of creatures -- a well-told adventure story that achieves genuine political depth.

    Oh, The Horror! #32: Cat People

    For this semester in school, I enrolled in a film class showcasing horror movies by Val Lewton and Jacques Tourneur.

    Oh, The Horror! #31: Bram Stoker's Dracula

    Wow, did I have a good time watching this movie.

    Oh, The Horror #30: The Corpse Bride

    Directed by Mike Johnson and Tim Burton, The Corpse Bride is a fantastic stop-motion film filled with wit and eye-popping fun.

    Rant Downs: Cadillac Records

    Cadillac records is the Hollywood treatment of the story of the Chess record label.  The film centers on the founder of Chess Records – Leonard Chess and the labels first star Muddy Waters. ...

    Rave Ups: Can’t Be Satisfied – The Life and Times of Muddy Waters

    Published in 2002 and written by author Robert Gordon, Can’t Be Satified is a biography of Muddy Waters.  The book is a loose chronological telling of Muddy’s life which is broken up...

    Rave Ups: The Music of Muddy Waters

    Take a moment to realize the huge influence this man has had on Rock N Roll and popular music as a whole.  In 1962 The Rolling Stones formed in England taking their name from his 1950 song...

    Jennifer's Body Trailer

    From the creator of Juno...

    Rave Ups: The Carter Family: Will the Circle Be Unbroken DVD

    This is the one and only documentary that I could find on The Carter Family.  Produced as part of the American Experience series on PBS in 2005, it is a 1 hour straight forward chronological...

    Rave Ups: Desperate Man Blues – Discovering the Roots of American Music (DVD)

    Released in 2006 this film is a documentary about Joe Bussard Jr., a man that has devoted his life to the pursuit of rare 78s from the golden era (1924 – 1933) of American folk music.  I was...