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    So I guess I got kicked off another My Little Pony Forum

    A few notes:

    1) The guy who did this is either a genius or insane.

    Todd McFarlane Jumped The Shark

    This character looks vaguely familiar. Hmmm...

    Top 10 Reality Shows

    Ah, reality shows.

    Ranking the Presidents of 24

    (Certain Presidents are not added for a variety of reasons.

    Top 8 Most Hated People in Comics

    8) Kevin HuxfordThis guy would be higher on this list if more people knew who he was. I wasn't even sure that I should give him any publicity, but I just couldn't ignore this piece of work (you'll...

    What is up with Juliet?

    She's not the prettiest woman. She's not the sexiest woman. If I saw her on the road I probably wouldn't even look back. I've seen her in other roles and I don't even think twice. Then why is it...

    Oscar Noms = Epic Fail (Again)

    Well the Academy blew it again, yet I'm going to sit there watching the awards, waiting for someone to apologize for giving the Best Picture Oscar to Chariots of Fire over Raiders of the Lost Ark....

    Who Watches Product Placement?

    Warner Bros. have released pictures of this cool Watchmen 12" Picture Disc featuring My Chemical Romance's version of "Desolation Row." Side A: My Chemical Romance "Desolation Row" (Smiley...

    Playoff Fever - Catch It!

    I'm sure everyone was glued to their TVs this weekend watching Kuwait's Abdulaziz Alanezi, left, fight for a ball with South Korea's Yunusk Ohduring in their match at the Men's Handball World...

    Top 10 Amazing Race Hotties

    10) Shana WallAmazing Race 12Eliminated Leg 5I'm not holding it against Shana that she once dated Ryan Seacrest. I'm not holding it against her that she was eliminated in the 5th leg (with hottie...

    Please Don't Kill Each Other

    One of you two needs to beat the Eagles or Cardinals in the Super Bowl so play nice.
    I predict two upsets this weekend.
    Ravens over Steelers 16-10
    Cardinals over Eagles 23-21

    I Can't Wait For The Third One!

    This is awesome!
    To see more go here.