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Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves

Written by Rui Esteves on Thursday, January 31 2013 and posted in Reviews
Over the times great stories have emerged from the Science Fiction genre in most mediums. Luckily comics have seen some great ones.

I took a look at the books I own, and only those, and made this list. Read on for Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves.


Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves
Top 10 list YAY

10) Universal War One Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves UW1UW1 is a French book by Denis Bajram. Its about an underdog military unit of washout space pilots aptly called the Purgatory Squadron. Soon after being assembled they stumble upon a galactic conspiracy to undertake the established power. On top of that they have to deal with the personal ghosts of each member of the Purgatory Squadron. Personal vendetas, redempton, time travel and the inevitability of destiny.

I still have to read the final chapter because the publisher that has the rights for the translated version (to Portuguese) of this book stopped one issue short, had this been finished I'm sure it would be higher up. If you're lucky you can buy the Marvel version.

9) The Red Star The Battle of Kar Dathra's Gate

Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves
Red Star
I stopped reading comics for 10 or so years in my teenage years. On the eve of my Optimization Models and Algorithms final exam I was really nervous about it. On the way from my gf's (now wife) house to the University I passed in front of bookstore/publisher Devir. I went in and the cover instantly cough my attention. I bought The Red Star The Battle of Kar Dathra's Gate and never stopped reading comics to this date. The year was 2003. Oh, the exam went fine.

The story is set in an alternative undefined time, in a society were Magic and Soviet Russia inspired retro technology are merged and interconnected. Society lives on the brink of a civil war. The Battle or Kar Dathra's marks a dramatic change in Maya's life. That event sets her life on the path of rediscovery and that will have deep repercussion on everyone.

The post WWII Russian retro style used in this comic is truly a wonderful thing to experience. The aesthetics of this comic is reason enough to read it.

8) SCUD The Disposable Assassin, The Whole Shebang

Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves
I first noticed this book when it was recommend to me in the Outhouse Forums. This is a great fun and funny book about a Robot Assassin,sold in a vending machine, that gains self-awareness and refuses to die. He then goes through many quirky adventures, meets many interesting characters, finds love and meets God.

This is also worth wile just for the Drywall character. Firstly he has that innocent minion feel, but soon becomes a favorite of any reader. Eventually he becomes a badass, but in my eyes he's always going to be that little innocent and insecure toddler that has trouble controlling his zippers (it makes sense in the book, go read it!).

You can read more in my SCUD review.

7) We3

Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves
We3 follows three animals that served as guinea pigs on a military experiment to create new operatives that are highly trained and heavily armed. The group is composed by a cat, a dog and a bunny. They are nameless but possess very distinct personalities.

One day they are set for termination but one of their handlers cannot allow this to happen, so she helps them escape.

This is a sad story. If you read this and don't get emotional at one point or another, then I'm sorry to say but you're dead inside.

I recommend the deluxe edition, its a great looking hardcover book. This is Morrison and Quitely at their best.

6) Orbiter

Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves
Warren Ellis writes this strange tale about the return of a long thought of lost space-shuttle to earth. After 10 years in deep space the Shuttle Venture returns and NASA, that had shutdown their space exploration program since Venture's disappearance, as to reunite the old team, with some new faces, in order to solve this mystery.

This is a story about that NASA team and its members. Some need to find closure while others will achieve their dreams, but none will be indifferent.

This is a hard book to describe, but great to experience.

Don't forget to check my review.

5) Ronin

Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves
Nowadays Frank Miller is a crazy middle age man that rambles a lot in the internet and writes demented and psychotic Batman comics. However there was a time were he could do no wrong in comics. Ronin is from that time.

The main characters is a ronin, a warrior without a master. He is a nameless warrior that was once cursed by an ancient evil. The way he got to be cursed is such a delight to read that I'm not going to spoil it for you.

Because of the curse Ronin is trapped for 800 years and is reemerges in New York city somewhere in our near future. Our near future back when the book was released, in 1983, should be about now. There things get really weird and convoluted and Ronin has to find his place in this new world.

Ronin is a great book that stood the passing of time very well.

4) Atomic Robo 

Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves
Atomic Robo
Atomic Robo follows the adventures of its namesake hero. Robo was created by Nikola Tesla in 1923 and battled evil and watched over strange events ever since. Whats great about Atomic Robo is that this is a fun book with the most wild ideas and crazy story plots.

Each book has one or two story arcs that can be read without knowing anything about Robo's continuity. Of course you might miss a reference here and there, mas nothing important.

From Lovecraftian monsters to talking Dinosaurs, from WWII spooks to living computers, Robo has fought them all. Alone or with his buddies at Tesladyne Atomic Robo always goes that extra mile to make the world a better place, you know, for science.

I've only reviewed the last volume to be published, at the time of this article. Feel free to read that review.

3) Fear Agent

Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves
Fear Agent

Fear Agent is a retro type sci-fi action book. With his fishbowl helmet, rocket pack, raygun, freeze ray and penis shaped spaceship Heathrow Hudson cruises space and time just trying to live one more day of his miserable little life.

Heath is redneck, Mark Twain quoting, alien killing, drunk screw-up. He’s also the last of the Fear Agents. He abandoned Earth due to events that he took part when Earth was invaded by the Dressites.  Heath will have to deal with the Dressites and another alien race, the Tetaldians, several times throughout his books. Eventually he’ll have to face his past sins and the friends and family he left behind.

There will be evil clones, time travel, regular cowboys, space cowboys, aliens of all sizes and shapes, giant brains, Annie and some truly heartwarming and heartbreaking moments.

2) Ministry of Space

Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves
Ministry of Space

This is probably my favorite single book written by Warren Ellis. In Ministry of Space Ellis explores a What-If scenario of British History. What If Britain had created a covert budget to finance their space program after WWII?

Well, this would happen. Britain would rise to be a technological world power. Beating the US and the Russians in the race to the moon, Britain managed to monopolize and monetize space exploration. Within four decades there would be flying cars, helicopter backpacks, colonies on mars and many other technological advances.

But what was the cost? What did society had to pay to get these marvelous advancements? These are the questions asked in the book, but in a very subtle manner. If you don’t pay attention that essential visual hint can get by undetected and much of the book’s message will be lost.

Hop on to my review and give it a quick looksy.

1) Transmetropolitan

Top 10 Sci-Fi books on my shelves
It was a close call between Transmetropolitan and Ministry of Space. But its not fair to compare 7 years of an ongoing series with a  96 page graphic novel.

Spider Jerusalem (one of the best lead characters ever created btw) stars in this political sci-fi / dark humor / action journalism series. He is a hardcore and old-school political journalist that can't stand idly by while the general population insists on being politically uninformed and the political powers-that-be continue to abuse their respective offices.

He is vernacular, loud mouth, profoundly disturbed, a drug addict but deep down he's a decent guy. Spider honestly cares about the people while an abstract entity, but he hates everyone he meets. He's a bastard, but a likable bastard. Armed only with his wit and a Bowel Disruptor he'll take on The Smiler and his administration.This might sound odd but it makes perfect sense once you read the books.

I would love to review this, but I don't think I can even come close to make it justice.

Well, That's it. Hope you enjoyed it.  Looking back at my list, I'm embarrassed at how few of my favorite books I've reviewed. I'll probably get around to them somewhere in the future.

Don't agree with my choices? Think its unforgivable that I didn't mentioned your favorite Sci-Fi book on my list? Let me know that, leave me comment.

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