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Review: Magic the Gathering Volume 3 Path of Vengeance

Written by Rui Esteves on Sunday, November 17 2013 and posted in Blog
Review: Magic the Gathering Volume 3 Path of Vengeance
Dack Fayden continues his quest to find the slayer of his village and get revenge. And he is on the bring of finally getting to Sifa Grent again.
The chase has been going on for sometime now, but Dack as always been a step behind. Now Sifa got cocky and made a mistake. But finding her is just one step. Making her pay for all she's done is something a lot different. Dack is just a thief. A planeswarker true, but a meager thief nonetheless.

How is it?This volume follows the story telling and art style of the previous ones. The story comes to an end. There, review done....
...Maybe a few more thoughts about this are in order. Very well then, action, magic, running and closure. This is what this volume is all about. Once again the story is told between the now and flashbacks from Dack's past. While nothing revolutionary, it works surprisingly well in this volume. It doesn't break the story's fast pace and it allows the reader to get a better understanding of Dack's motivations. This is also the way the reader gets to know more about the characters that are, gradually, included in the main story.
Review: Magic the Gathering Volume 3 Path of VengeanceOh
This volume provides a strong ending to a cool story. It's epic and with a massive and bigger than life battle for the fate of all in Ravinca. Big revenge, big stakes and big outcome. You won't be surprised by it, but you will be entertained. Like watching a good action movie, you know what is going to happen, but its all about the how it happens.

Art wise there is not much to talk about. Its basically the same as in my other reviews (volume 1, volume 2). However there are some fill-in pages that stand-out in a bad way. The quality of those pages is considerably lower than the rest of the book and that can take the reader a bit out of the story.

Review: Magic the Gathering Volume 3 Path of Vengeance
Divide and not conquer

All this summed up on MTG fanboy voice "OMG!!1! green meany, undead suicide zombie, fire Dragon, life drain!!!1! Dack is so a UBR card cycling big spell combo deck!!1!" Or in my fanboy voice "What?! No White Knights, Wrath of God or Savanah Lions?!!1! You !"#$%&. Also, I prefer the art of pre-5th edition sets".


I enjoyed it. Is it the greatest thing out there? No. Is it good enough? Yes, at least for me, but I have a fondness for the Magic the Gathering lore. This is the final volume, you should get it if you liked the precious ones, otherwise get something else.

Publisher: IDW
Year: 2013
Pages: 104
Authors: Matt Forbeck, Martin Coccolo, Jack Jadson

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