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Survey on indie comics shows what your fans are looking for.

Written by The Indie Huntress on Wednesday, April 13 2016 and posted in Blog

Survey on indie comics shows what your fans are looking for.

Survey results are in!

Source: The Indie Huntress

Hey everyone! About a month ago I had created a survey and pushed it through my various social media sites for about a week. The survey was about interest in independent comics, why people read them, what they look for from the books, and like information. While only 130 people took the survey, (even though my insights from pages show over 3,000 people saw the post) and just over half of the participants were creators themselves; this survey still provides insight as to why fans are buying indie. I may revisit this survey in the future and make a new one based off of these results and fix some of the things people suggested. However, at this point in time I will leave it at this. My intention was to gather information that could be helpful to creators and small publishers based off of the responses. I hope this provides of some use to some creators out there. If nothing else, it is interesting to see what people think about indie comics. 

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(1. Because your friends made them. 2. Your comic shop owner reccommended a book to you. 3. You wanted to purchase something that was alternative. 4. You backed a kickstarter you found interesting. 5. You prefer original content. 6. They are cheaper than other comics.) 





(1. Have a pull list at a shop. 2. Buy Digitally from ComiXology etc.. 3. Purchase directly from creator. 4. Other sites, etc.) 

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