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AFCD Creator Showcase: Nick Davis

Written by The Indie Huntress on Tuesday, April 19 2016 and posted in Blog

AFCD Creator Showcase: Nick Davis

Another fine creator that is participating in Alternative Free Comics Day!

Source: AFCD

 Hey everyone! Your indie huntress has returned! Our webmaster Jude Terrorr has been working around the clock to bring Alternative Free Comics Day to life and has enlisted me for assistance. What is Alternative Free Comics Day (AFCD), you ask? Well let me tell you more about that! It is an event that we here at The Outhouse have decided to host. The idea came from Jude last year, while he was investigating claims that small publishers were being forced out of Free Comic Book Day. Jude couldn't get a straight answer out of anyone from Diamond or otherwise about the matter and decided to take matters into his own hands. Thus, Alternative Free Comics Day was born. Jude made the point of,

"anyone who wants to offer free comics should be able to do so. Free comic book day doesn't just have to be limited to Diamond distributing. It's 2016, we have the internet. Let's make a digital free comic day for independent creators." He added that, "we aren't knocking Free Comic Book Day. It is an important event for comics and a great deal for all involved. Alternative Free Comics Day is going to be available so that anyone who wants to participate, can."

Alternative Free Comics Day is a not-for-profit organization that solely exists to help creators get their comics into the hands of more fans and colleagues. The site will belong to everyone involved and also be featured on multiple websites. It is our mission to strengthen the community of independent creators everywhere. We encourage you to take part of this movement and connect with your fellow creators to broaden your horizons and expand your reach among new fans. To make this work we need YOUR help in sharing this project as much as possible. The more creators we have involved and sharing it on social media, the more success we will have. While the deadline is a bit short for this year, the following years will be even stronger. Our site has been open a mere week and we already have several participants. Which leads me to this article here. As a part of promoting Alternative Free Comics Day, we are featuring various creators involved in the site. Today we are introducing Nick Davis.


Nick Davis, is the founder and Chief Everything Officer (CEO) for Alt World Studios, an independent publisher based just east of Baltimore. He is also an Englishman, searching the USA for a decent cup of tea and brand new adventures.

Growing up Nick was an avid reader of comic books and could be found regularly buried in a copy of Warlord, Battle, Action, 2000AD, The Beano, Chipper or Rupert the Bear. Truthfully, you can still find him today with his feet up nose buried in a comic. An avid fantasy/sci-fi novel reader and counts the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein, Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, and the Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien as his favorite stories.

His writing career really began in the 1990's while working for Games Workshop when he was given the opportunity to write for their Monthly Gaming Magazine White Dwarf, a job he tackled with gusto much to the horror of the Copy Editor. Nowadays he is still a content creator and writer working for a major construction equipment maker, but is also a skilled web and graphic designer, sometimes artist, jack of all trades and a dedicated father.

He is married to a very patient Irish American Lady, and has three children. When he isn't working, running errands, playing with the kids, digging through an ever growing list of 'honey do' projects Nick can be found plodding away on a keyboard or picking up a pencil to explore the world of wonder and imagination.


His publishing empire of beans is Alt World Studios, a small, hardworking independent publisher dedicated to telling stories of action, adventure and wonder in comic book, illustrated story and narrative tales. To date Alt World Studios has published: The Tether Saga, Fabula Zero Exposition, The Teddy Bear Tales, The Cuddly Defenders, Hero Ted and the Wonder Tales... All stories that explore whimsical worlds and characters.

Alt World Studios Free Comic Book is an anthology comic book featuring the characters from the Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders Comics.

It all started with one faithful little Teddy Bear who stood watch unconditionally protecting his child from the Monsters under the bed. This Teddy Bear's name was Tristan. As he protected his child from the Monsters he discovered the World of Wonder and was joined by a band of discarded toys. This book in its telling is a collection of their adventures as the Cuddly Defenders!

While Nick Davis, is the primary creator, writer, production, sometimes artist and publisher. He has a large creative team available to farm work out too. Some of them are well known to The Outhousers.

Nick Davis & Jeana Byrd-Davis

Dan Nokes -

Keir Knikia Lyles -

Josh C Lyman -

Scott Markley -

Veronica Smith -

You can learn more about the words and art of Nick Davis at Alt World Studios at

You can also find his work on Comixology and Amazon, and in the Collectors Corner Comic Book stores in Baltimore.


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