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Indie Previews!

Written by The Indie Huntress on Monday, January 08 2018 and posted in Blog

Indie Previews!

Highlighting a handful of comics to look for in 2018!

Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted anything, and I wanted to pop in real quick to share some independent projects to look for in 2018. The independent comic market has grown significantly, and over the past few years- I have had the pleasure of watching several acquaintances and friends make their projects successful, and that is a beautiful thing. One thing I have always felt strongly about is the support of independent comics. These are women and men out there, scraping up money to publish their own books- often working two or three jobs just to do it. These are people that are working tirelessly to see their dreams come alive, and making a grassroots effort at getting the word out about their work. Independent comics have come a long way in terms of recognition. Artist alley at cons across the world house many independent artists and creators, networking and fan reach has become easier with social media, and means of distribution have seen improvement as well. It is a great time to be an independent creator, and in 2018 I hope to see more people take that leap and publish the comics they want to see.

Here are a few projects that are releasing in 2018:

Dr. Byow: Written by Phil Buck, Illustrated by Chris Winters, Colors by Iwan Joko Triyono, and Lettering by HdE

This comic is a spin-off of another comic by Phil called, "Those Shadow People." Dr. Byow is an origin story that revolves around an accident with dark matter that creates a rip in the space-time continuum. This lead Byow to another dimension where he is able to observe anyone, at any time. This comes at a price, of course. Dr. Byow will follow suit of Those Shadow People by combining comics and music. Phil has stated that the soundtrack will be 80's synth based. He said, "think Stranger Things soundtrack but with more of a rock edge." If it's anything like the music his other band Fresh Hats, Tight Beats puts out- I am sure it'll be awesome.

Chris Winters




Saturday Morning Fever: by Ken Johnson

An indirect sequel to "The Man Who Watched batman", Saturday Morning Fever is a Anthology review novel functioning as a fun review based walk though the history of the Saturday morning cartoon genre. It looks at individual shows, major movements within the genre, obscure gems lost to time, and the cultural impact these shows have had on us all. Ken says, "I can't promise all these shows are going to be good, but they will all be interesting. A book like this can only hope to grab a fraction of the plethora of programming made in the 3 or 4 decades of this movement, but anything that was around this long and was this prominent deserves to be analyzed, remembered, and celebrated."


Photo Finish: By Landon Faulkner and J.R. Mounts

Chris is just trying to make his spot in the rodeo in Cheyenne, and all the chaos he encounters as he speeds his way across many states to get there. You will never look at sheep again in the same way! Landon says, "The idea came about when I was inspired to make a comic book out of a song called "Photo Finish," by Chris LeDoux, a country singer/songwriter and rodeo cowboy. LeDoux's famous rodeo ride is one of legend. This comic also hints at a few other LeDoux song hits as well."

COSA NOSTRA (Publisher: TBD: By Dirk Manning and Dan Dougherty.

Dirk says, "This a mafia/crime book with a supernatural twist. Given our mutual love of both genres, it's the perfect blend of both our passions in a series that also masterfully plays to both our strengths, if I do say so myself!"


The Adventures of Cthulhu Jr. and Dastardly Dirk: By Dirk Manning and Scoot McMahon

Dirk states that, "This is a genuinely 100% all-ages book that children and adults alike will be able to read and enjoy (albeit perhaps for different reasons, much like the classic Looney Tunes cartoons we all know and love so very much). I'm exceptionally excited about this one, and we're planning on having the first issue available with us at conventions by the Spring! Aw yeah!"


Dan Dougherty:

Scoot McMahon:

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