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Mississippi State invents trophy porn.

What happens when an in-state rivalry trophy meets a bowl game trophy?

Should Urban Meyer replace Jim Tressel at Ohio State? In a word, no.

Should Urban Meyer replace Jim Tressel at Ohio State?

Tim Tebow calls Jimmer Fredette "Gator Bait."

What does Tim Tebow think of America's mancrush, Jimmer Fredette?

Your moment of Jimmer Fredette manlove of the day, Sports Illustrated edition

Okay, so the cover shows his back and not his front. But with an image like that you really can't complain that much. (via SportsGrid) Originally Pubished at: Shirts With Random...

Bruce Pearl is the $948,728 Man.

How much does it take to get rid of a college basketball coach?

Tennessee students paint The Rock to protest Bruce Pearl's firing

Tennessee students who support now fired Tennessee head men's basketball coach Bruce Pearl showed their disapproval of the firing by painting messages of support for Pearl on  The Rock. They...

Bruce Pearl fired?

According to sources at both the AP and ESPN, Bruce Pearl is an ex-Tennessee men's basketball coach.

Alabama's Mark Barron arrested.

Alabama has a player in trouble with the police on the eve of spring football practice.