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Arkansas-Texas A&M game brings up Aggies in the SEC silliness again

Arkansas heading to College Station to face the Aggies of Texas A&M has brought with it the obvious story.

Headline: "Toxic red sludge has reached the Danube"

Headline: "Toxic red sludge has reached the Danube" What's Lane Kiffin doing in Hungary? Doesn't he have a game against Stanford to prepare for? (via Yahoo!) Originally Pubished at: Shirts With...

Your Ricky Stanzi "America, Love It or Leave It!" Moment of the Day: The Tar Heels have a Grand Old Flag

A lot of college football teams run out onto the field carrying the US flag.

Headline: Toxic red sludge has reached the Danube

Headline: "Toxic red sludge has reached

Crossing the Atlantic: Mark Herzlich, Maryland, and ...tricycles?

"It's just a flesh wound." Boston College's Mark Herzlich reportedly has a broken hand.

Auburn's Terrell Zachary: War Swan Lake?

Here's a clip of Auburn wide receiver Terrell Zachary in ballet class.