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A beer keg shaped like R2D2. Who says rednecks and high tech don't mix?

Who says rednecks and advanced technology don't mix? Here's an beer keg shaped like R2D2, and painted in LSU colors.

I Smell lameness, Part Deux. Oh wait, that's just Joey Harrington I smell.

Remember Supwitchugirl, that group of rapping Oregon fans that mad that  "I Smell Roses" video  from last year? Well, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but they're back. And there

Catching up with the news: Twins make rookies play dress-up

The veterans on The Minnesota Twins made rookies Jeff Manship (now there's a Name of the Year candidate) and Drew Butera dress up. Can you guess who they are?

Your Freudian Nightmare of the Night has a craving for chicken

 Oh look, a bunch of turkeys acting like chickens