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SEC expansion silliness with the usual suspects

The ACC and SEC Blog has come up with a list of the "5 Teams Deserving Consideration in Expansion." And sadly, it's a list of the usual suspects you would probably expect in theoretical SEC expansion...

Chicago gives America another reason to root for Philadelphia in the Stanley Cup Finals

The lions in front of the Art Institute of Chicago may have been the lamest attempt to show support for a home team ever.

What Passes for Life: Shaq-Fu edition

(What Passes for Life is SWRT's collection of sports and non sports related links and hi-jinks.)

Shaqille O'Neal wants to fight in the UFC.

England soccer's Leighton Baines fears leaving home. Does he have good reason?

England soccer team member Leighton Baines has a little phobia he's going to have to deal with as his team heads for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Hawks co-owner is today's Dumbest Person in the NBA

A member of the group that owns the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers has been fined $25,000 by the NBA for, you guessed it, talking about LeBron James.

Oh Snap! Moment of the Day: What If? Edition

I wish this was a real comic book.

Your Moment of Tebowness: Tebow moves up the depth chart

(Your Moment of Tebowness is SWRT's recurring feature on the cultural phenomenon that is His Tebowness.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Thursday wrap-up

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC and ACC news)

Argument for Texas in the SEC.

Celtics lose second in a row to Magic. Are they cursed?

A few days ago, the Celtics were a game away from sweeping the Orlando out of the playoffs.

Shirts Without Random Triangles: Only Kings Have Rings

I never bought into the "King James" thing with LeBron James.

What Passes for Life: Jared Allen's mullet memorial edition

(What Passes for Life is SWRT's collection of sports and non sports related links and hi-jinks.)

R.I.P Jared Allen's mullet..and his manhood.

Chicago shows support for the Blackhawks with giant helmets

The Stanley Cup Finals are fast approaching, and the fever is hitting Chicago pretty hard.

Landon Donovan gets carded at the copier

It's not been Landon Donovan's week.

Future Bulldog Hutson Mason raises levels of expectations, artisitc pretentiousness

This is Hutson Mason, recent a recent high school graduate and signee to Georgia who Dawg fans a-buzzin' if you should pardon the expression).