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The Washington Huskies think they can dance

The following is a clip featuring members of the Washington Huskies basketball team.

Random signing day thoughts

To be perfectly honest I've never been a huge Signing Day guy.

The non-racing (sort of) Danica Patrick news of the day

Here's yet another Danica Patrick career milestone not related to her actually winning a race.

Super Bowl predictions are for pussycats

Continuing with SWRT's coverage of what various corners the animal kingdom think will win Super Bowl XLIV, here is what a bunch of cats predict will happen.In a related front, it appears that the...

Pitt in the Big 10? Not so fast.

Did you hear the one about Pitt joining the Big 10?

Another corner of the animal kingdom chimes in on the Super Bowl

One week until the big game and Super Bowl silliness seems to be kicking into high gear.

Oh look, a poll!

If you look over to your left, there's a poll on which "sporting event" is the most fake. Your choices are: WWE Royal Rumble, NFL Pro Bowl, or the Winter X-Games. Have at it!

Stanford hires Willie Martinez?

Stanford has reportedly hired disgraced UGA defense coordinator as an assistant coach.


Hello there, Will D. Cat.

Super Bowl Silly Season begins at the Zoo

You know that Super Bowl silly season has arrived when somebody decides to ask zoo animals for their Super Bowl picks.

Ask the Magic Favre Ball

It may either be the most brilliant or the dumbest advertising promotion on the internet.

Lane Kiffin-The Motion Picture?

This was going to happen sometime or another.

Actually it was more like 378 days, but who's counting?

Hey, it could be worse.

SEC fines South Carolina $25,000 for fan rush.

If you think the NFL is the No Fun League, think again.

Hey Johnny Weir, fur kills!

Johnny Weir, the U.S. figure skater who's gotten as much attention for his off the ice ambiguous lifestyle than for his on the ice performances is taking heat from animal rights...