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New Michigan State unis compared to "New Coke"

When it comes to college sports, change can be looked at with as something that's pretty much unwanted, unless the team you support is losing.

"Sexy" Lane Kiffin fighting for his life. Or at least his title

Things were going so smoothly for Lane Kiffin in the Esquire "Sexiest Woman Alive Madness" tournament, then things hit a speed bump.

Happy Birthday Chipper Jones

Happy 38th birthday to Atlanta Braves' third baseman and hunting enthuiast Chipper Jones.

Is ESPN's FIFA World Cup commercial anti-American?

The latest ESPN commercial promoting the 2010 FIFA World Cup is titled "United." It features Bono in a rambling monologue slightly resembling the style of his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction...

The NFL Draft can be a drag.

The end of he first round of the NFL Draft usually means the end of most of the fun.

Tim Tebow's a Bronco

The 2010 NFL Draft's most intriguing question was answered when the Denver Broncos drafted Tim Tebow with the 25th pick of the first round.

Sing along with the Big Ten

The Iowa sports blog Black Heart Gold Pants decided to post a YouTube clip of a tailgate at Penn State where the tailgaters were jamming out to...Miley Cyrus?(Notice the rebel flag in the...

The Mountain West in the BCS? Not anytime soon.

BCS executive director Bill Hancock suggested that the Mountain West conference may be on its way to become the seventh conference with an automatic bid. "If they meet the threshold, they'll be the...

Jimbo Fisher wants FSU to play Florida in...Atlanta?

You have to admit that newly minted FSU head football coach Jimbo Fisher isn't willing to let tradition stand in the way of how things are done in Tallahassee.

Big East not going down without a fight, brings on Paul Tagliabue

All signs seen to point to a Big 10 raid on the Big East.

Expansion talk is "Hot and Cold"

Expansion talk is beginning to resemble a Katy Perry song.

Shaq wishes he had Jessie's Girl

You'd think that with the NBA Playoffs going on Shaquille O'Neal wouldn't have a lot of time on his hands.

Iowa blog blames Icelandic volcano on...Hockeybear?

You know that annoying volcanic eruption in Iceland that's messing up air travel to Europe with its hideous cloud of volcanic ash?