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500+ and counting. Thanks everybody

SWRT hit 500 hits since the counter was added about three weeks ago.

The Bakersfield Condor Michael Jackson jerseys in all their...glory?

Remember the story a few days ago about the Bakersfield Condors minor league hockey team holding a "King of Pop" night celebrating Michael Jackson, complete with lame Jacko-themed jerseys?

The Coolest Thing on the Internet RIGHT NOW! Christopher Walken interpets Lady Gaga

I don't consider myself among the cult who are obsessed with Christopher Walken, but dang!

Cole Hamels: Stupid online clip or prophetic oracle?

This is a clip promoting the video game Call of Duty featuring the voice of Phillies' starting pitcher.

Mark Richt firing watch

If Mark Richt wasn't already on the hot seat, he is now.

A*Rod is two things...A baseball player and a narcissist

It seems the internet is buzzing about the latest bizarre news about Alex Rodriguez.

It was too good to be true, and it wasn't

We hate to be the ones to break this one to you, but the rumors that Layla Kiffin (Lane's wife, in case you didn't know) will not be posing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

SEC goes Daniel Snyder on critics

The SEC now apparently means the Snyder-Esque Conference.


Now here's a first, an actual animal mascot.

Pop Quiz: The Georgia-Florida game

Just a quick pop quiz before That Adult Beverage Tasting Event Impersonating a Football Game between the Florida Gators and That Team From Athens Impersonating a Football Team:1)After the game on...

Minor league hockey team looks "Bad" honoring Michael Jackson

You could probably do an entire blog on the incredible lameness diversity of what can be done with a hockey jersey.

Real World/Road Rules: Okay, maybe this was better than a Bully Beatdown

No sooner than I suggest Real Road/Road Rules: The Ruins competitor Wes Bergmann go on Bully Beatdown then he gets eliminated from the show.

Just when you think Farveageddon couldn't get any worse, it gets even worse

You would think the insanity of Brett Favre returning to Lambeau Field as a Viking couldn't get any worse.

The UFL thinks its Daniel Snyder

Apparently the UFL went to the Daniel Snyder School of Fan Relations.