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Simulated Lane Kiffin vs. Simulated Rick Neuheisel

Can't wait for Fall, 2010 to see Lane Kiffin and Rick Neuheisel go after each other?

Texas in the Big 10?

Texas in the Big 10?

Pac-10 expansion could change BCS landscape.

The Pac-10 may be serious about expansion.

[BLEEP] YOU, MASCOT! Johnny the Thunderbird

Meet Johnny the Thunderbird, one of the newest members of the mascot community.

FSU vacates victories, shows NCAA's faults

FSU has finally bitten the bullet and vacated 12 victories by order of the NCAA as the result of a cheating scandal.

Post Super-Bowl XLIV thoughts

To be honest, Super Bowl XLIV didn't really live up to it's hype, is there was any real level of hype in the first place.

Super Bowl...almost time!

Not much right now due to be in and out today. But you can guess who I'm rooting for. Have fun and keep it safe.

Super Bowl predictions are for the dogs

Yep, they're asking dog's advice now in predicting the Super Bowl. This is getting more unscientific all the time.

Super Bowl prediction, weird science style

It's bad enough when people turn to animals to predict the Super Bowl.

The coolest site on the internet RIGHT NOW!

Want to know what the coolest thing on the internet is?

Joe Thiesman says something stupid about Tim Tebow

Joe Theismann's ego wouldn't let him keep his mouth shut about Tim Tebow.

The Washington Huskies think they can dance

The following is a clip featuring members of the Washington Huskies basketball team.

Random signing day thoughts

To be perfectly honest I've never been a huge Signing Day guy.

The non-racing (sort of) Danica Patrick news of the day

Here's yet another Danica Patrick career milestone not related to her actually winning a race.