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Texas Tech's Alamo Bowl spot.

In case you missed it, here's the Texas Tech commercial that ran during the Alamo Bowl:

And this electrical shed is Adam James classroom:

Craig James should have been removed from calling the Alamo Bowl

It looks like Craig James is still scheduled as part of the announcing team for the Alamo Bowl.

What does the Sugar Bowl and a Garbage song have in common?

"It's All Over But the Crying"*

Yes, barring a recovery even his Tebowness isn't Tebow enough to accomplish, this game is done.

Some of Bruce Pearl's charges are facing charges of their own.

It looks like Lane Kiffin isn't the only Vols coach to have some of his players in trouble with the law.

Terence Moore has a thinking problem over "Real Coaches"

Terence Moore's ability to say something stupid has no bounds.

Just when Texas Tech thought their troubles were over with Mike Leach gone...

Pat Knight decides to have a little bit of a cussing session at the end the post-game interview following a 90-75 beatdown from New Mexico.

Like father, like son?

Dawgageddon: The search continues

It looks like Mark Richt's long, tedious search for Willie Martinez's replacement as defense coordinator will continue into the new year.

Tuberville to Texas Tech? Not so fast.

Who will replace Mike Leach at Texas Tech?

Song Sung Suh

Thanks to the end of the Roady's Humanitarian Bowl, most of America missed the winning touchdown of the Pacific Life Holliday Bowl.

Mike Leach is Texas Toast

Mike Leach has been fired from Texas Tech after the controversy involving his handling of player Adam James' concussion.

Meet Ruffin McNeil

This is Ruffin McNeil, the interim head coach for Texas Tech now that Rich Leach is Texas Toast.

Terence Moore has a thinking problem over Urban Meyer

Just when I think Terence Moore can't write something more stupid, he goes and writes something more stupid.

Tim Tebow tributes get into full swing.

What are we going to do without Tim Tebow once he fades into third round draft pick obscurity?


What's that, Reveille?