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Vols still not over Lane Kiffin just yet.

If things keep up the way they are in Knoxville, Tennessee is going to have to change the fight song from "Rocky Top" to Carolina Liar's "I'm Not Over." Even with Derek Dooley being names head coach,...

Duke football players and guns don't mix.

David Cutcliffe has to be going "I turned down the Tennessee job for this?" right now. "This" being after he dismissed three players off of the Duke football team.

Derek Dooley's Papa on Lane Kiffin

Want to know what Derek Dooley's papa, Vince Dooley said earlier in regards to Kiffin, a day or so ago before young Derek got the nod as Kiffin's replacement as UT coach?“Well, Lane Kiffin has...

Meet Derek Dooley

This is Derek Dooley, who was until an hour or so ago the head football coach of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs.

Derek Dooley new UT coach.

Derek Dooley's been hired as Tennessee head coach. The question now is: Will Vince Dooley be Derek's defense coordinator? Or will Derek pick Barbara for the job?

Dawgageddon: The End is near?

The long Bulldog national nightmare appears to be over.

Arenas charged with gun possession.

Gilbert Arenas if officially in hot water.

Vols search to replace Kiffin off to a Rocky start.

Tennessee's search to replace Lane Kiffin is off to a rocky start.

Lamar Odom has his own line of shirts (without random triangles)

Remember the t-shirt from a couple of days ago with the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy used to point out Los Angeles' spot on the map?

Kiffingate: When did Urban Meyer Know and when did he know it?

Pretty darn quick, obviously.

Don't think Meyer's going to be back next season?

Shirts Withour Random Triangles: Well, at least SOMEBODY in Knoxville has a lick of sense

There been a lot of abuse of Lane Kiffin related merchandise up in Knoxville, and probably other places as well.