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Meet Ruffin McNeil

This is Ruffin McNeil, the interim head coach for Texas Tech now that Rich Leach is Texas Toast.

Terence Moore has a thinking problem over Urban Meyer

Just when I think Terence Moore can't write something more stupid, he goes and writes something more stupid.

Tim Tebow tributes get into full swing.

What are we going to do without Tim Tebow once he fades into third round draft pick obscurity?


What's that, Reveille?

A special message from Keith Olbermann...

Memo to Deadspin : If you're going to start dragging up embarrassing commercials featuring Dan Patrick and third-rate restaurant chains, they might as well drag this one out of the YouTube ether:Oh...

Batten down the hatches! Texas tech suspends Mike Leach

Texas Tech head coach (and pirate enthusiast) Mike Leach has been indefinitely suspended after the administration "received a complaint from the unnamed player and his parents regarding his treatment...

Meyer staying at Florida?

ESPN is reporting that Urban Meyer is having second thoughts about retiring and will "take an indefinite leave of absence" instead.

Undercover Boss afteer the Super Bowl? Please kill me now.

What the networks put on after the Super Bowl can be as big as the commercials at times.

With Meyer leaving Florida, let the mindless succession begin.

Urban Meyer's departure from Florida after the Sugar Bowl is going to launch a whole lot of speculation, it it hasn't already.


Okay, that was lame.

The Emerald Bowl: Lamest bowl with coolest name?

The Emerald Bowl may be the coolest named or the really sucky bowls.

[BLEEP] YOU, MASCOT! The Stanford Tree

(Okay, too freaking obvious for Christmas.


Merry Christmas!


"Then one foggy Christmas Eve Santa came to say...
[BLEEP] YOU, Bagno!"
Okay, so it the Milwaukee Bucks mascot doesn't quite qualify in the "Eight Tiny Reindeer" catagory.