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Meyer and Tebow: A story like no other

SEC Championship Week is here.

2,000 hits. Thanks

Sometime Monday morning SWRT reached 2,000 hits.

Derek Jeter: SI's Sportsman of the Year

Derek Jeter has gotten the nod for Sports Illustrated's 2009 Sportsman of the Year.

Terrence Moore has a thinking problem over Georgia Tech

Fanhouse's Terence Moore has a problem with the comments made by Georgia Tech head football coach Paul Johnson after their surprise loss to Georgia Saturday night.

L.A. Times wastes time on Washington Redskins

Without an NFL team of its own to complain about, The Los Angeles Times ran an editorial piece about the Washington Redskins.

Report: Selig may retire in 2012

Our long National Pastime nightmare may be over...but not yet.

Shirts Without Random Triangles: The Who Sell Out, as usual

In its further retreat from cultural relevance, the NFL have named The Who as the act Super Bowl XLIV half given the halftime show to The Who.

PeTA's dreams of robot dog mascot for Georgia are short-lived.

The University of Georgia has sent a strong message to PeTA: Go play dead.Well, that's at least what a lot of people would like Georgia to tell PeTA after the animal rights group suggested replacing...

Brett Favre sees something in jay Cutler that almost no rational person does

Everyone's favorite Cute Purple Dinosaur told The Chicago Sun-Times that he of himself in Jay Cutler.

Washington Wizards' fand should honor Abe Pollin's convictions and shut up about name change

No sooner had Washington Wizards' owner Abe Pollin passed on were that people were calling for the team's name to be changed back to the Washington Bullets.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!


Happy Thanksgiving, HokeyBird.